1986 Fleer

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  31   Vince Coleman RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  49   Todd Worrell RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  71   Lou Thornton RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  74   Rick Aguilera RC   New York Mets
  78   Lenny Dykstra RC   New York Mets
  89   Roger McDowell RC   New York Mets
  92   Ronn Reynolds RC   New York Mets
  104   Brian Fisher RC   New York Yankees
  129   Mariano Duncan RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  152   Stew Cliburn RC   California Angels
  156   Craig Gerber RC   California Angels
  162   Urbano Lugo RC   California Angels
  163   Kirk McCaskill RC   California Angels
  202   Joel Davis RC   Chicago White Sox
  206   Ozzie Guillen RC   Chicago White Sox
  218   Bruce Tanner RC   Chicago White Sox
  238   Nelson Simmons RC   Detroit Tigers
  245   Tim Burke RC   Montreal Expos
  265   Mitch Webster RC   Montreal Expos
  266   Herm Winningham RC   Montreal Expos
  267   Floyd Youmans RC   Montreal Expos
  288   Nate Snell RC   Baltimore Orioles
  295   Jeff Calhoun RC   Houston Astros
  302   Jeff Heathcock RC   Houston Astros
  303   Charlie Kerfeld RC, UER   Houston Astros
  305   Ron Mathis RC   Houston Astros
  330   Lance McCullers RC   San Diego Padres
  338   Ed Wojna RC   San Diego Padres
  360   Mike Trujillo RC   Boston Red Sox
  374   Ron Meridith RC, UER   Chicago Cubs
  392   Frank Eufemia RC   Minnesota Twins
  412   Tim Birtsas RC   Oakland Athletics
  429   Steve Ontiveros RC   Oakland Athletics
  432   Mickey Tettleton RC   Oakland Athletics
  436   Don Carman RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  438   Darren Daulton RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  452   Dave Shipanoff RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  459   Karl Best RC   Seattle Mariners
  462   Ivan Calderon RC   Seattle Mariners
  480   Frank Wills RC   Seattle Mariners
  490   Teddy Higuera RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  499   Ernest Riles RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  519   Joe Johnson RC   Atlanta Braves
  527   Steve Shields RC   Atlanta Braves
  530   Milt Thompson RC   Atlanta Braves
  535   Chris Brown RC   San Francisco Giants
  552   Jose Uribe RC   San Francisco Giants
  558   Steve Buechele RC   Texas Rangers
  559   Jose Guzman RC   Texas Rangers
  562   Dwayne Henry RC   Texas Rangers
  591   Otis Nixon RC   Cleveland Indians
  592   Jerry Reed RC   Cleveland Indians
  595   Rich Thompson RC   Cleveland Indians
  600   Curt Wardle RC   Cleveland Indians
  606   Pat Clements RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  611   Sammy Khalifa RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  615   Joe Orsulak RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  644   Benito Santiago / Gene Walter RC   San Diego Padres
  645   Mike Woodard / Colin Ward RC   San Francisco Giants
  646   Kal Daniels / Paul O'Neill RC   Cincinnati Reds
  647   Fred Toliver / Andres Galarraga RC   Philadelphia Phillies / Montreal Expos
  648   Bob Kipper / Curt Ford RC   Pittsburgh Pirates / St. Louis Cardinals
  649   Eric Plunk / Jose Canseco RC   Oakland Athletics
  650   Gus Polidor / Mark McLemore RC   California Angels
  651   Rob Woodward / Mickey Brantley RC   Boston Red Sox / Seattle Mariners
  652   Billy Joe Robidoux / Mark Funderburk RC   Milwaukee Brewers / Minnesota Twins
  653   Cecil Fielder / Cory Snyder RC   Toronto Blue Jays / Cleveland Indians


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