1992 Score

Rookie Cards

75 record(s)

  412   Joe Redfield RC, RP   Pittsburgh Pirates
  421   Doug Henry RC, RP   Milwaukee Brewers
  423   Pat Rice RC, RP   Seattle Mariners
  737   Terry Mathews RC, ERR   Texas Rangers
  737   Terry Mathews RC, COR   Texas Rangers
  739   Mike Magnante RC, ERR   Kansas City Royals
  739   Mike Magnante RC, COR   Kansas City Royals
  740   Kip Gross RC, ERR   Cincinnati Reds
  740   Kip Gross RC, COR   Cincinnati Reds
  741   Jim Hunter RC, ERR   Milwaukee Brewers
  741   Jim Hunter RC, COR   Milwaukee Brewers
  744   Tim Mauser RC, ERR   Philadelphia Phillies
  744   Tim Mauser RC, COR   Philadelphia Phillies
  746   Rod Beck RC, ERR   San Francisco Giants
  746   Rod Beck RC, COR   San Francisco Giants
  747   Jim Austin RC, ERR   Milwaukee Brewers
  747   Jim Austin RC, COR   Milwaukee Brewers
  749   Wayne Rosenthal RC, ERR   Texas Rangers
  749   Wayne Rosenthal RC, COR   Texas Rangers
  750   Bryan Hickerson RC, ERR   San Francisco Giants
  750   Bryan Hickerson RC, COR   San Francisco Giants
  765   Terry McDaniel RC, ERR   New York Mets
  765   Terry McDaniel RC, COR   New York Mets
  766   Esteban Beltre RC, ERR   Chicago White Sox
  766   Esteban Beltre RC, COR   Chicago White Sox
  767   Rob Maurer RC, ERR   Texas Rangers
  767   Rob Maurer RC, COR   Texas Rangers
  768   Ted Wood RC, ERR, UER   San Francisco Giants
  768   Ted Wood RC, COR, UER   San Francisco Giants
  771   Gil Heredia RC, ERR   San Francisco Giants
  771   Gil Heredia RC, COR   San Francisco Giants
  799   Allen Watson RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  800   Manny Ramirez RC   Cleveland Indians
  801   Cliff Floyd RC   Montreal Expos
  802   Al Shirley RC   New York Mets
  803   Brian Barber RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  804   Jon Farrell RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  805   Brent Gates RC   Oakland Athletics
  806   Scott Ruffcorn RC   Chicago White Sox
  807   Tyrone Hill RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  808   Benji Gil RC   Texas Rangers
  809   Aaron Sele RC   Boston Red Sox
  810   Tyler Green RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  814   Don Wakamatsu RC, RP   Chicago White Sox
  817   Rico Rossy RC, RP   Atlanta Braves
  820   Milt Hill RC, RP   Cincinnati Reds
  823   Jeff Plympton RC, RP   Boston Red Sox
  824   Braulio Castillo RC, RP   Philadelphia Phillies
  828   Shawn Hare RC, RP   Detroit Tigers
  832   Stacy Jones RC, RP   Baltimore Orioles
  837   Mike Ignasiak RC, RP   Milwaukee Brewers
  838   Josias Manzanillo RC, RP   Boston Red Sox
  839   Jim Olander RC, RP   Milwaukee Brewers
  840   Gary Cooper RC, RP   Houston Astros
  842   Hector Fajardo RC, RP   Texas Rangers
  844   Jorge Pedre RC, RP   Kansas City Royals
  846   Scott Brosius RC, RP   Oakland Athletics
  847   Chris Cron RC, RP   California Angels
  850   Bob Zupcic RC, RP   Boston Red Sox
  852   Jim Lewis RC, RP   San Diego Padres
  854   Cliff Brantley RC, RP   Philadelphia Phillies
  855   Kevin Campbell RC, RP   Oakland Athletics
  856   Craig Shipley RC, RP   San Diego Padres
  858   Tony Eusebio RC, RP   Houston Astros
  860   Vinny Castilla RC, RP   Atlanta Braves
  862   Kevin Ward RC, RP   San Diego Padres
  864   Rod Brewer RC, RP   St. Louis Cardinals
  866   Jose Hernandez RC, RP   Texas Rangers
  867   Amalio Carreno RC, RP   Philadelphia Phillies
  868   Calvin Jones RC, RP   Seattle Mariners
  869   Jeff Gardner RC, RP   New York Mets
  870   Jarvis Brown RC, RP   Minnesota Twins
  871   Eddie Taubensee RC, RP   Cleveland Indians
  875   Laddie Renfroe RC, RP   Chicago Cubs
  877   Armando Reynoso RC, RP   Atlanta Braves


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