1992-93 Hoops

Rookie Cards

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  251   Randy Pfund CO, RC   Los Angeles Lakers
  261   Garry St. Jean CO, RC   Sacramento Kings
  262   Jerry Tarkanian CO, RC   San Antonio Spurs
  352   Adam Keefe RC   Atlanta Hawks
  358   Tony Bennett RC   Charlotte Hornets
  361   Alonzo Mourning RC   Charlotte Hornets
  364   Corey Williams RC   Chicago Bulls
  367   Bobby Phills RC   Cleveland Cavaliers
  371   Brian Howard RC   Dallas Mavericks
  372   Tracy Moore RC   Dallas Mavericks
  373   Sean Rooks RC   Dallas Mavericks
  375   LaPhonso Ellis RC   Denver Nuggets
  378   Bryant Stith RC   Denver Nuggets
  379   Robert Werdann RC   Denver Nuggets
  382   Isaiah Morris RC   Detroit Pistons
  387   Byron Houston RC   Golden State Warriors
  388   Keith Jennings RC   Golden State Warriors
  389   Latrell Sprewell RC   Golden State Warriors
  392   Robert Horry RC   Houston Rockets
  399   Malik Sealy RC   Indiana Pacers
  401   Jaren Jackson RC   Los Angeles Clippers
  404   Elmore Spencer RC   Los Angeles Clippers
  407   Randy Woods RC   Los Angeles Clippers
  408   Alex Blackwell RC   Los Angeles Lakers
  409   Duane Cooper RC   Los Angeles Lakers
  410   Anthony Peeler RC   Los Angeles Lakers
  412   Matt Geiger RC   Miami Heat
  413   Harold Miner RC   Miami Heat
  416   Todd Day RC   Milwaukee Bucks
  419   Lee Mayberry RC   Milwaukee Bucks
  422   Bob McCann RC   Minnesota Timberwolves
  424   Chris Smith RC   Minnesota Timberwolves
  425   Gundars Vetra RC   Minnesota Timberwolves
  432   Eric Anderson RC   New York Knicks
  435   Hubert Davis RC   New York Knicks
  440   Litterial Green RC   Orlando Magic
  442   Shaquille O'Neal RC   Orlando Magic
  449   Clarence Weatherspoon RC   Philadelphia 76ers
  453   Oliver Miller RC   Phoenix Suns
  456   Dave Johnson RC   Portland Trail Blazers
  457   Tracy Murray RC   Portland Trail Blazers
  463   Walt Williams RC   Sacramento Kings
  465   Lloyd Daniels RC   San Antonio Spurs
  471   Isaac Austin RC   Utah Jazz
  472   John Crotty RC   Utah Jazz
  473   Stephen Howard RC   Utah Jazz
  476   Tom Gugliotta RC   Washington Bullets
  478   Don MacLean RC   Washington Bullets
  480   Brent Price RC   Washington Bullets


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