1957 Topps

Rookie Cards

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  2   Pete Retzlaff RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  4   Lou Baldacci RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  12   Lavern Torgeson RC   Washington Redskins
  15   Jack Butler RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  19   Perry Jeter RC   Chicago Bears
  23   Don Chandler RC   New York Giants
  36   Leo Elter RC   Washington Redskins
  37   Clarence Peaks RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  44   Gene Gedman RC   Detroit Lions
  72   Sam Baker RC   Washington Redskins
  75   Sid Watson RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  78   Clyde Conner RC   San Francisco 49ers
  79   J.C. Caroline RC   Chicago Bears
  80   Howard Cassady RC   Detroit Lions
  83   Jim Patton RC   New York Giants
  85   Richard Lane RC   Chicago Cardinals
  87   Duane Putnam RC   Los Angeles Rams
  93   Preston Carpenter RC, DP   Cleveland Browns
  94   Raymond Berry RC   Baltimore Colts
  100   Joe Childress RC, DP   Chicago Cardinals
  104   Earl Morrall RC   San Francisco 49ers
  105   Larry Strickland RC   Chicago Bears
  108   Bud McFadin RC   Los Angeles Rams
  110   Tom Runnels RC, DP   Washington Redskins
  111   Ken Keller RC, DP   Philadelphia Eagles
  112   James Root RC   Chicago Cardinals
  119   Bart Starr RC   Green Bay Packers
  120   Paul Miller RC, DP   Los Angeles Rams
  124   Tommy McDonald RC, DP   Philadelphia Eagles
  125   Jerry Tubbs RC   Chicago Cardinals
  133   Tom Wilson RC   Los Angeles Rams
  134   Dick James RC   Washington Redskins
  135   Jimmy Harris RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  138   John Unitas RC, DP   Baltimore Colts
  139   Jim Ridlon RC, DP   San Francisco 49ers
  143   Jim Cason RC, DP   Los Angeles Rams
  145   Sid Youngelman RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  146   Paul Larson RC   Chicago Cardinals
  149   Ronnie Knox RC, DP   Chicago Bears
  150   Jim David RC   Detroit Lions
  151   Paul Hornung RC   Green Bay Packers
  153   Bill Svoboda RC, DP   New York Giants


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