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  11   Vince Evans RC   Chicago Bears
  14   Gordon King RC   New York Giants
  16   Lam Jones RC   New York Jets
  17   Ken Greene RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  37   Dennis Johnson RC   Minnesota Vikings
  50   Jerry Robinson AP, RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  52   Dave Preston RC   Denver Broncos
  54   Rush Brown RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  62   Kent Hill RC   Los Angeles Rams
  63   Don Bessillieu RC   Miami Dolphins
  69   Charles White RC   Cleveland Browns
  72   Roynell Young RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  74   Mike Friede RC   New York Giants
  75   Earl Cooper RC   San Francisco 49ers
  78   Darrol Ray RC   New York Jets
  83   Mike Butler RC   Green Bay Packers
  86   J.T. Smith RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  93   Rickey Watts RC   Chicago Bears
  98   Jewerl Thomas RC   Los Angeles Rams
  100   Billy Sims AP, RC   Detroit Lions
  104   Mark Murphy RC   Washington Redskins
  106   Alfred Jackson RC   Atlanta Falcons
  108   Gordon Jones RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  109   Willie Harper RC   San Francisco 49ers
  117   Eddie Lee Ivery RC   Green Bay Packers
  123   Greg Stemrick RC   Houston Oilers
  128   Len Walterscheid RC   Chicago Bears
  143   Kenny Johnson RC   Atlanta Falcons
  146   Vernon Perry RC   Houston Oilers
  150   Kellen Winslow AP, RC   San Diego Chargers
  156   Mike Dennis RC   New York Giants
  163   Horace Belton RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  166   Morris Towns RC   Houston Oilers
  168   Ezra Johnson RC   Green Bay Packers
  173   Jim Haslett RC   Buffalo Bills
  174   David Woodley RC   Miami Dolphins
  176   Nesby Glasgow RC   Baltimore Colts
  178   Tom Brahaney RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  180   Junior Miller AP, RC   Atlanta Falcons
  181   Richard Wood RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  192   Dan Ross RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  193   Dave Williams RC   Chicago Bears
  194   Art Monk RC   Washington Redskins
  196   Ricky Feacher RC   Cleveland Browns
  198   Carl Roaches RC   Houston Oilers
  201   Fred Smerlas RC   Buffalo Bills
  206   Danny Pittman RC   New York Giants
  208   Vagas Ferguson RC   New England Patriots
  213   Nick Lowery RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  214   Kevin House RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  215   Mike Kenn RC   Atlanta Falcons
  216   Joe Montana RC   San Francisco 49ers
  217   Joe Senser RC   Minnesota Vikings
  222   Charles Alexander RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  224   Ray Oldham RC   Detroit Lions
  228   George Cumby RC   Green Bay Packers
  233   John Sawyer RC   Seattle Seahawks
  236   Jimmy Rogers RC   New Orleans Saints
  238   Marty Lyons RC   New York Jets
  243   Gerald Small RC   Miami Dolphins
  247   Ted Brown RC   Minnesota Vikings
  257   Ray Griffin RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  261   Chris Ward RC   New York Jets
  263   James Owens RC   San Francisco 49ers
  266   Arnold Morgado RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  269   James Jones RC   Dallas Cowboys
  283   Mark Brammer RC   Buffalo Bills
  291   Gerry Ellis RC   Green Bay Packers
  292   Al Richardson RC   Atlanta Falcons
  297   Greg Hawthorne RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  309   Larry Heater RC   New York Giants
  310   Art Still AP, RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  313   Jeff Nixon RC   Buffalo Bills
  314   Aundra Thompson RC   Green Bay Packers
  316   Dan Hampton RC   Chicago Bears
  317   Doug Marsh RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  321   Rich Milot RC   Washington Redskins
  322   Mike Guman RC   Los Angeles Rams
  329   Kenny King RC   Oakland Raiders
  342   Mark Gastineau RC   New York Jets
  348   Jim Jensen RC   Denver Broncos
  354   Eric Harris RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  356   J.T. Turner RC   New York Giants
  358   Jim Jodat RC   Seattle Seahawks
  360   Joe Cribbs AP, RC   Buffalo Bills
  381   Randy Holloway RC   Minnesota Vikings
  382   Henry Lawrence RC   Oakland Raiders
  388   Raymond Butler RC   Baltimore Colts
  397   Brenard Wilson RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  399   Robin Cole RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  407   Mike Nelms RC   Washington Redskins
  417   Tom Mullady RC   New York Giants
  422   Dwight Clark RC   San Francisco 49ers
  423   Pat Thomas RC   Los Angeles Rams
  433   Ron Springs RC   Dallas Cowboys
  437   Will Lewis RC   Seattle Seahawks
  440   Eddie Murray RC   Detroit Lions
  442   Larry Swider RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  443   Steve Freeman RC   Buffalo Bills
  444   Bruce Hardy RC   Miami Dolphins
  446   Curtis Dickey RC   Baltimore Colts
  453   Jim Miller RC   San Francisco 49ers
  454   Roy Simmons RC   New York Giants
  466   Doug France RC   Los Angeles Rams
  467   Carlos Carson RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  478   Keith Wright RC   Cleveland Browns
  487   Rod Martin RC   Oakland Raiders
  502   Theotis Brown RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  506   Tony Nathan RC   Miami Dolphins
  514   Elvis Peacock RC   Los Angeles Rams


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