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Rookie Cards

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  13   John Taylor RC   San Francisco 49ers
  15   Mike Cofer RC   San Francisco 49ers
  17   Daniel Stubbs RC   San Francisco 49ers
  20   Larry Roberts RC   San Francisco 49ers
  21   Jeff Fuller RC   San Francisco 49ers
  22   Bubba Paris RC   San Francisco 49ers
  27   Ickey Woods SR, RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  31   David Grant RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  32   Rodney Holman RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  34   Jim Skow RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  37   Eric Thomas RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  42   Scott Norwood AP, RC   Buffalo Bills
  45   Thurman Thomas SR, RC   Buffalo Bills
  47   John Kidd RC   Buffalo Bills
  48   Kent Hull RC   Buffalo Bills
  51   Derrick Burroughs RC, VAR   Buffalo Bills
  51   Derrick Burroughs RC, VAR   Buffalo Bills
  67   David Tate RC   Chicago Bears
  68   Thomas Sanders RC   Chicago Bears
  71   Brad Muster RC   Chicago Bears
  72   Vestee Jackson RC   Chicago Bears
  76   Carl Lee AP, RC   Minnesota Vikings
  78   Hassan Jones RC   Minnesota Vikings
  80   Ray Berry RC   Minnesota Vikings
  91   Bruce Matthews AP, RC   Houston Oilers
  94   Johnny Meads RC   Houston Oilers
  104   William Fuller RC   Houston Oilers
  105   Allen Pinkett RC   Houston Oilers
  107   Keith Jackson AP, RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  117   Ron Johnson RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  118   Terry Hoage RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  120   Eric Allen RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  121   Cris Carter RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  123   Tom Newberry AP, RC   Los Angeles Rams
  125   Robert Delpino RC, UER   Los Angeles Rams
  136   Aaron Cox RC   Los Angeles Rams
  142   Charles Buchanan RC   Cleveland Browns
  144   Reggie Langhorne RC   Cleveland Browns
  148   Michael Dean Perry RC   Cleveland Browns
  156   Lonzell Hill RC   New Orleans Saints
  158   Craig Heyward RC   New Orleans Saints
  159   Vaughan Johnson RC   New Orleans Saints
  161   Gene Atkins RC   New Orleans Saints
  169   Eric Moore RC   New York Giants
  170   Sheldon White RC   New York Giants
  171   Mark Collins RC   New York Giants
  174   Stephen Baker RC   New York Giants
  179   Jumbo Elliott RC   New York Giants
  180   Gary Reasons RC   New York Giants
  182   Brian Blades SR, RC   Seattle Seahawks
  184   Rufus Porter RC   Seattle Seahawks
  187   Paul Moyer RC   Seattle Seahawks
  191   Eugene Robinson RC   Seattle Seahawks
  194   John Stephens SR, RC   New England Patriots
  195   Robert Perryman RC   New England Patriots
  200   Johnny Rembert RC   New England Patriots
  202   Marvin Allen RC   New England Patriots
  209   Chris Chandler RC   Indianapolis Colts
  214   Chris Goode RC   Indianapolis Colts
  215   Clarence Verdin RC   Indianapolis Colts
  223   Erik McMillan SR, RC   New York Jets
  224   James Hasty SR, RC   New York Jets
  226   John Booty RC   New York Jets
  233   Marion Barber RC   New York Jets
  246   Steve Sewell RC   Denver Broncos
  249   Simon Fletcher RC   Denver Broncos
  251   Chip Lohmiller SR, RC   Washington Redskins
  252   Jamie Morris SR, RC   Washington Redskins
  253   Mark Rypien SR, RC   Washington Redskins
  255   Mark May RC   Washington Redskins
  265   Tim Brown AP, RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  270   Steve Beuerlein RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  275   Mike Wise RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  282   Jay Novacek RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  291   Jarvis Williams SR, RC   Miami Dolphins
  296   Ferrell Edmunds RC   Miami Dolphins
  297   Scott Schwedes RC   Miami Dolphins
  299   Jim Jensen RC   Miami Dolphins
  300   Brian Sochia RC   Miami Dolphins
  305   Gary Plummer RC   San Diego Chargers
  308   Jamie Holland RC   San Diego Chargers
  311   Mark Vlasic RC   San Diego Chargers
  313   Anthony Miller RC   San Diego Chargers
  315   Bubby Brister RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  317   Tunch Ilkin RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  319   Warren Williams RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  321   Merril Hoge RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  322   Thomas Everett RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  323   Rod Woodson RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  326   Donnie Elder RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  330   Lars Tate RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  331   Mark Carrier RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  332   Bruce Hill RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  333   Paul Gruber RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  337   Aundray Bruce SR, RC   Atlanta Falcons
  339   Scott Case RC   Atlanta Falcons
  340   Robert Moore RC   Atlanta Falcons
  341   Chris Miller RC   Atlanta Falcons
  343   Gene Lang RC   Atlanta Falcons
  344   Marcus Cotton RC   Atlanta Falcons
  346   John Settle RC   Atlanta Falcons
  350   Mike Stensrud RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  361   Chris Spielman SR, RC   Detroit Lions
  365   Bennie Blades RC   Detroit Lions
  372   Brent Fullwood RC   Green Bay Packers
  373   Don Majkowski RC   Green Bay Packers
  375   Keith Woodside RC   Green Bay Packers
  378   Perry Kemp RC   Green Bay Packers
  379   Sterling Sharpe RC   Green Bay Packers
  380   Chuck Cecil RC   Green Bay Packers
  383   Michael Irvin SR, RC   Dallas Cowboys
  387   Danny Noonan RC   Dallas Cowboys
  388   Eugene Lockhart RC   Dallas Cowboys
  391   Ray Alexander RC   Dallas Cowboys
  392   Nate Newton RC   Dallas Cowboys


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