1990 Pro Set

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  19   Andre Ware AW, RC, VAR   Houston Cougars
  19   Andre Ware AW, RC, VAR   Detroit Lions
  20   Mo Elewonibi AW, RC, VAR   BYU Cougars
  20   Mo Elewonibi AW, RC, VAR   Washington Redskins
  21   Percy Snow AW, RC, VAR   Michigan State Spartans
  21   Percy Snow AW, RC, VAR   Kansas City Chiefs
  22   Anthony Thompson AW, RC, VAR   Indiana Hoosiers
  22   Anthony Thompson AW, RC, VAR   Phoenix Cardinals
  43   Nate Odomes RC   Buffalo Bills
  45   Jim Ritcher RC   Buffalo Bills
  56   John Roper RC   Chicago Bears
  63   Rickey Dixon RC, ERR   Cincinnati Bengals
  63   Rickey Dixon RC, COR   Cincinnati Bengals
  69   Paul Farren RC   Cleveland Browns
  70   Thane Gash RC   Cleveland Browns
  81   Crawford Ker RC   Dallas Cowboys
  83   Kelvin Martin RC   Dallas Cowboys
  84   Ken Norton Jr. RC   Dallas Cowboys
  104   William White RC   Detroit Lions
  105   Eric Williams RC   Detroit Lions
  108   Ron Hallstrom RC   Green Bay Packers
  115   Ed West RC   Green Bay Packers
  140   John Alt RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  151   Mike Dyal RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  159   Bruce Wilkerson RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  169   Larry Kelm RC   Los Angeles Rams
  171   Vince Newsome RC   Los Angeles Rams
  174   Fred Strickland RC   Los Angeles Rams
  179   Harry Galbreath RC   Miami Dolphins
  201   Vincent Brown RC   New England Patriots
  206   Eric Sievers RC   New England Patriots
  209   Rod Rust CO, RC   New England Patriots
  219   Frank Warren RC   New Orleans Saints
  257   Ken Harvey RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  258   Ernie Jones RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  265   Joe Bugel CO, RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  290   Pierce Holt RC   San Francisco 49ers
  296   Jesse Sapolu RC   San Francisco 49ers
  430   Tim Green RC   Atlanta Falcons
  431   Michael Haynes RC   Atlanta Falcons
  432   Jessie Tuggle RC, UER   Atlanta Falcons
  442   Leon Seals RC   Buffalo Bills
  447   Mark Bortz RC   Chicago Bears
  448   Tom Thayer RC   Chicago Bears
  450   Shaun Gayle RC   Chicago Bears
  476   Gregg Rakoczy RC   Cleveland Browns
  478   James Dixon RC   Dallas Cowboys
  485   Michael Brooks RC   Denver Broncos
  488   Ken Lanier RC   Denver Broncos
  493   Michael Young RC   Denver Broncos
  494   Robert Clark RC   Detroit Lions
  496a   Kevin Glover RC, VAR   Detroit Lions
  496b   Kevin Glover RC, VAR   Detroit Lions
  500   Jerry Holmes RC   Green Bay Packers
  502   Alan Veingrad RC   Green Bay Packers
  508   Patrick Allen RC   Houston Oilers
  511   Haywood Jeffires RC   Houston Oilers
  516   Greg Montgomery RC   Houston Oilers
  522   Kevin Call RC   Indianapolis Colts
  524   Jeff Herrod RC   Indianapolis Colts
  531   Chris Martin RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  540   Thomas Benson RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  553   Michael Stewart RC   Los Angeles Rams
  556   Alvin Wright RC   Los Angeles Rams
  558   Jeff Dellenbach RC   Miami Dolphins
  568   Rich Gannon RC   Minnesota Vikings
  569   Tim Irwin RC   Minnesota Vikings
  573   Reggie Rutland RC   Minnesota Vikings
  574   Ken Stills RC   Minnesota Vikings
  579   Cedric Jones RC   New England Patriots
  582   Ed Reynolds RC   New England Patriots
  587   Jim Dombrowski RC   New Orleans Saints
  588   Joel Hilgenberg RC   New Orleans Saints
  594   Eric Dorsey RC   New York Giants
  596   Jeff Hostetler RC   New York Giants
  599   Odessa Turner RC   New York Giants
  604   Ron Stallworth RC   New York Jets
  605   Byron Evans RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  612   Izel Jenkins RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  619   Tom Tupa RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  625   Gerald Williams RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  631   Joe Phillips RC   San Diego Chargers
  633   David Richards RC, ERR   San Diego Chargers
  633   David Richards RC, COR   San Diego Chargers
  636   Chet Brooks RC   San Francisco 49ers
  638   Kevin Fagan RC   San Francisco 49ers
  639   Brent Jones RC   San Francisco 49ers
  642   Bill Romanowski RC   San Francisco 49ers
  653   Reuben Davis RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  661   Todd Bowles RC   Washington Redskins
  662   Ravin Caldwell RC   Washington Redskins
  668   Stan Humphries RC   Washington Redskins
  669a   Jeff George FRDP, PROS, RC, SP   Indianapolis Colts
  669b   Jeff George FRDP, RC, VAR   Indianapolis Colts
  670   Blair Thomas FRDP, RC   New York Jets
  671   Cortez Kennedy FRDP, RC   Seattle Seahawks
  672   Keith McCants FRDP, RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  673   Junior Seau FRDP, RC   San Diego Chargers
  674   Mark Carrier FRDP, RC   Chicago Bears
  676   Chris Singleton FRDP, RC, UER   New England Patriots
  677   Richmond Webb FRDP, RC   Miami Dolphins
  678   Ray Agnew FRDP, RC   New England Patriots
  679   Anthony Smith FRDP, RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  680   James Francis DP, RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  682   Renaldo Turnbull FRDP, RC   New Orleans Saints
  683   Lamar Lathon FRDP, RC   Houston Oilers
  684   James Williams FRDP, RC   Buffalo Bills
  685   Emmitt Smith FRDP, RC   Dallas Cowboys
  686   Tony Bennett FRDP, RC   Green Bay Packers
  687   Darrell Thompson FRDP, RC   Green Bay Packers
  688   Steve Broussard FRDP, RC   Atlanta Falcons
  689   Eric Green FRDP, RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  690   Ben Smith FRDP, RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  691   Bern Brostek FRDP, RC   Los Angeles Rams
  692   Rodney Hampton FRDP, RC   New York Giants
  693   Dexter Carter FRDP, RC   San Francisco 49ers
  694   Rob Moore FRDP, RC   New York Jets
  695   Alexander Wright DPK, RC   Dallas Cowboys
  696   Darion Conner DPK, RC   Atlanta Falcons
  697   Reggie Rembert DPK, RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  698   Terry Wooden DPK, RC, COR   Seattle Seahawks
  698   Terry Wooden DPK, RC, ERR   Seattle Seahawks
  699   Reggie Cobb DPK, RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  701   Fred Washington DPK, RC   Chicago Bears
  702   Ron Cox DPK, RC   Chicago Bears
  703   Robert Blackmon DPK, RC   Seattle Seahawks
  704   Dan Owens DPK, RC   Detroit Lions
  705   Anthony Johnson DPK, RC   Indianapolis Colts
  706   Aaron Wallace DPK, RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  707   Harold Green DPK, RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  708   Keith Sims DPK, RC   Miami Dolphins
  709   Tim Grunhard DPK, RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  710   Jeff Alm DPK, RC   Houston Oilers
  711   Carwell Gardner DPK, RC   Buffalo Bills
  712   Kenny Davidson DPK, RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  713   Vince Buck DPK, RC   New Orleans Saints
  714   Leroy Hoard DPK, RC   Cleveland Browns
  715   Andre Collins DPK, RC   Washington Redskins
  716   Dennis Brown DPK, RC   San Francisco 49ers
  717   LeRoy Butler DPK, RC   Green Bay Packers
  718   Pat Terrell DPK, RC, ERR   Los Angeles Rams
  718   Pat Terrell DPK, RC, COR   Los Angeles Rams
  719   Mike Bellamy DPK, RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  720   Mike Fox DPK, RC   New York Giants
  721   Alton Montgomery DPK, RC   Denver Broncos
  722   Eric Davis DPK, RC   San Francisco 49ers
  723   Oliver Barnett PROS, RC, ERR   Atlanta Falcons
  723   Oliver Barnett PROS, RC, COR   Atlanta Falcons
  724   Houston Hoover PROS, RC   Atlanta Falcons
  725   Howard Ballard PROS, RC   Buffalo Bills
  726   Keith McKeller PROS, RC   Buffalo Bills
  727   Wendell Davis PROS, RC   Chicago Bears
  728   Peter Tom Willis PROS, RC   Chicago Bears
  729   Bernard Clark PROS, RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  730   Doug Widell PROS, RC   Denver Broncos
  731   Eric Andolsek PROS, RC   Detroit Lions
  732   Jeff Campbell PROS, RC   Detroit Lions
  733   Marc Spindler PROS, RC   Detroit Lions
  735   Willis Peguese PROS, RC   Houston Oilers
  738   Todd Kalis PROS, RC, UER   Minnesota Vikings
  739   Tom Hodson PROS, RC, UER   New England Patriots
  740   Greg McMurtry PROS, RC   New England Patriots
  741   Mike Buck PROS, RC   New Orleans Saints
  742   Kevin Haverdink PROS, RC   New Orleans Saints
  743   Johnny Bailey PROS, RC, ERR   Chicago Bears
  743   Johnny Bailey PROS, RC, COR   Chicago Bears
  745   Tony Stargell PROS, RC   New York Jets
  746   Fred Barnett PROS, RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  747   Walter Reeves PROS, RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  748   Derek Hill PROS, RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  750   Ronald Lewis PROS, RC   San Francisco 49ers
  751   Ken Clark PROS, RC   Indianapolis Colts
  752   Garry Lewis PROS, RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  756   Jimmie Jones PROS, RC   Dallas Cowboys
  758   Jessie Hester RC   Indianapolis Colts
  759   Barry Word PROS, RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  760   Eddie Anderson RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  762   Marcus Dupree PROS, RC   Los Angeles Rams
  763   David Griggs PROS, RC   Miami Dolphins
  766   Reyna Thompson RC   New York Giants
  768   Brad Baxter PROS, RC   New York Jets
  770   Heath Sherman PROS, RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  771   Johnny Johnson PROS, RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  773   Ricky Proehl PROS, RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  774   Frank Cornish PROS, RC   San Diego Chargers
  775   Tommy Kane PROS, RC   Seattle Seahawks
  776   Derrick Fenner PROS, RC   Seattle Seahawks
  777   Steve Christie PROS, RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  778   Wayne Haddix PROS, RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  779   Richard Williamson CO, RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  780   Brian Mitchell PROS, RC   Washington Redskins


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