1990 Topps

Rookie Cards

79 record(s)

  6   Dexter Carter RC   San Francisco 49ers
  14   Brent Jones RC   San Francisco 49ers
  18   Pierce Holt RC   San Francisco 49ers
  20   Chet Brooks RC   San Francisco 49ers
  26   Kevin Fagan RC   San Francisco 49ers
  42   Melvin Bratton RC   Denver Broncos
  43   Wymon Henderson RC   Denver Broncos
  47   Orson Mobley RC   Denver Broncos
  48   Rodney Hampton RC   New York Giants
  58   Eric Dorsey RC   New York Giants
  61   Odessa Turner RC   New York Giants
  67   Pat Terrell RC   Los Angeles Rams
  81   Mike Piel RC   Los Angeles Rams
  83   Michael Stewart RC   Los Angeles Rams
  84   Ben Smith RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  98   Izel Jenkins RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  100   Mike Schad RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  113   Reggie Rutland RC   Minnesota Vikings
  130   Martin Mayhew RC   Washington Redskins
  131   Ravin Caldwell RC   Washington Redskins
  134   Ed Simmons RC   Washington Redskins
  138   Tony Bennett DPK, RC   Green Bay Packers
  143   Rich Moran RC   Green Bay Packers
  146   Chris Jacke SR, RC   Green Bay Packers
  155   Darrell Thompson DPK, RC   Green Bay Packers
  161   Thane Gash RC   Cleveland Browns
  162   Robert Banks RC   Cleveland Browns
  167   Tim Manoa RC   Cleveland Browns
  174   Barry Foster RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  186   Mike Mularkey RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  187   Derek Hill RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  191   Jerry Olsavsky RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  198   Nate Odomes RC   Buffalo Bills
  211   Jeff Alm RC   Houston Oilers
  225   Haywood Jeffires RC   Houston Oilers
  227   Greg Montgomery RC   Houston Oilers
  246   Percy Snow DPK, RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  250   Todd McNair RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  259   James Saxon RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  276   Rickey Dixon RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  286   Mike Dyal RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  287   Thomas Benson RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  293   Eddie Anderson RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  297   Jeff Jaeger RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  298   Jeff George DPK, RC   Indianapolis Colts
  306   Jeff Herrod RC   Indianapolis Colts
  316   Richmond Webb DPK, RC   Miami Dolphins
  334   Cortez Kennedy DPK, RC   Seattle Seahawks
  341   Paul Skansi RC   Seattle Seahawks
  348   Darren Comeaux RC   Seattle Seahawks
  349   Andre Ware DPK, RC   Detroit Lions
  357   Eric Williams RC   Detroit Lions
  358   Robert Clark RC   Detroit Lions
  360   Terry Taylor RC   Detroit Lions
  364   Marc Spindler DPK, RC   Detroit Lions
  369   John Roper RC   Chicago Bears
  381   Junior Seau DPK, RC   San Diego Chargers
  392   Wayne Walker RC   San Diego Chargers
  399   Keith McCants DPK, RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  414   William Howard RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  415   Winston Moss RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  416   Chris Singleton DPK, RC   New England Patriots
  422   Sammy Martin RC   New England Patriots
  428   Eric Sievers RC   New England Patriots
  429   Maurice Hurst RC   New England Patriots
  440   Ernie Jones RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  448   Blair Thomas DPK, RC   New York Jets
  458   Dennis Byrd RC   New York Jets
  471   Michael Haynes RC   Atlanta Falcons
  476   Tim Gordon RC   Atlanta Falcons
  479   Jessie Tuggle RC   Atlanta Falcons
  484   Tony Tolbert RC   Dallas Cowboys
  485   Steve Folsom RC   Dallas Cowboys
  486   Ken Norton RC   Dallas Cowboys
  487   Kelvin Martin RC   Dallas Cowboys
  489   Daryl Johnston RC   Dallas Cowboys
  492   Vince Albritton RC   Dallas Cowboys
  495   James Dixon RC   Dallas Cowboys
  496   Willie Broughton RC   Dallas Cowboys


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