1991 Score Supplemental

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  14T   Hugh Millen RC   New England Patriots
  16T   Greg Davis RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  18T   Ted Washington RC   San Francisco 49ers
  22T   Mike Iaquaniello RC   Miami Dolphins
  23T   Gerald Perry RC   Los Angeles Rams
  25T   Rich Miano RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  27T   Terry Orr RC   Washington Redskins
  28T   Matt Stover RC   Cleveland Browns
  31T   Don Davey RC   Green Bay Packers
  36T   Charles Dimry RC   Denver Broncos
  43T   Kanavis McGhee RC   New York Giants
  45T   Charles McRae RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  47T   Jeff Faulkner RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  48T   William Frizzell RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  52T   John Flannery RC   Houston Oilers
  53T   Tim Barnett RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  54T   Alfred Williams RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  58T   Huey Richardson RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  59T   Jerome Henderson RC   New England Patriots
  60T   Bryan Cox RC   Miami Dolphins
  62T   Reginald Jones RC   New Orleans Saints
  63T   Mo Lewis RC   New York Jets
  66T   Michael Jackson RC   Cleveland Browns
  67T   Shawn Jefferson RC   San Diego Chargers
  70T   Erric Pegram RC   Atlanta Falcons
  72T   Harry Colon RC   New England Patriots
  75T   Phil Hansen RC   Buffalo Bills
  76T   Roman Phifer RC   Los Angeles Rams
  78T   Merton Hanks RC   San Francisco 49ers
  79T   James Jones RC   Cleveland Browns
  84T   Lamar Rogers RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  85T   Erik Williams RC   Dallas Cowboys
  86T   Keith Traylor RC   Denver Broncos
  90T   Todd Lyght RC   Los Angeles Rams
  93T   Antone Davis RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  94T   Aeneas Williams RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  96T   John Kasay RC   Seattle Seahawks
  97T   Robert Wilson RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  100T   David Lang RC   Los Angeles Rams
  101T   Esera Tuaolo RC   Green Bay Packers
  103T   Jon Vaughn RC   New England Patriots
  105T   David Daniels RC   Seattle Seahawks
  107T   Anthony Morgan RC   Chicago Bears
  109T   Leonard Russell RC   New England Patriots


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