1994 Topps Traded

Rookie Cards

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  1T   Paul Wilson RC, DPK   New York Mets
  2T   Bill Taylor RC   Oakland Athletics
  5T   Toby Borland RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  10T   Brian Anderson RC   California Angels
  13T   Jacob Shumate RC, DPK   Atlanta Braves
  24T   Mark Acre RC   Oakland Athletics
  26T   Darren Hall RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  29T   Rusty Greer RC   Texas Rangers
  33T   Terrence Long RC, DPK   New York Mets
  34T   Mark Dalesandro RC   California Angels
  38T   Larry Barnes RC, DPK   Milwaukee Brewers
  41T   Bret Wagner RC, DPK   St. Louis Cardinals
  44T   Ben Grieve RC, DPK   Oakland Athletics
  45T   John Hudek RC   Houston Astros
  54T   Kevin Witt RC, DPK   Toronto Blue Jays
  56T   Trenidad Hubbard / Jason Schmidt / Larry Sutton / Steve Larkin RC, PROS   Colorado Rockies / Atlanta Braves / Kansas City Royals / Texas Rangers
  59T   John Richard Powell RC, DPK   Texas Rangers
  61T   Joe Hall RC   Chicago White Sox
  63T   Mike Mordecai RC   Atlanta Braves
  66T   Tim Grieve RC, DPK   Kansas City Royals
  70T   Chan Ho Park RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  71T   Bryan Eversgerd RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  74T   Mike Thurman RC, DPK   Montreal Expos
  79T   Kevin Foster RC   Chicago Cubs
  84T   Ross Powell RC   Houston Astros
  85T   Doug Million RC, DPK   Colorado Rockies
  87T   Mark Farris RC, DPK   Pittsburgh Pirates
  95T   Dustin Hermanson RC, DPK   San Diego Padres
  96T   Gar Finnvold RC   Boston Red Sox
  98T   Corey Pointer RC, DPK   Atlanta Braves
  101T   Reid Ryan RC, DPK   Texas Rangers
  105T   William Van Landingham RC   San Francisco Giants
  109T   C.J. Nitkowski RC, DPK   Cincinnati Reds
  112T   Paul Konerko RC, DPK   Los Angeles Dodgers
  116T   Matt Smith RC, DPK   Kansas City Royals
  121T   Rick White RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  128T   Carlos Reyes RC   Oakland Athletics
  129T   Kevin L. Brown RC, DPK   Texas Rangers


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