1984-85 O-Pee-Chee

Rookie Cards

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  5   Doug Keans RC   Boston Bruins
  8   Nevin Markwart RC   Boston Bruins
  16   Dave Silk RC   Boston Bruins
  17   Dave Andreychuk RC   Buffalo Sabres
  18   Tom Barrasso RC   Buffalo Sabres
  22   Gilles Hamel RC   Buffalo Sabres
  42   Troy Murray RC   Chicago Blackhawks
  43   Jack O'Callahan RC   Chicago Blackhawks
  56   Kelly Kisio RC   Detroit Red Wings
  57   Lane Lambert RC   Detroit Red Wings
  60   Randy Ladouceur RC   Detroit Red Wings
  65   Greg Stefan RC   Detroit Red Wings
  67   Steve Yzerman RC   Detroit Red Wings
  68   Bob Crawford RC   Hartford Whalers
  79   Sylvain Turgeon RC   Hartford Whalers
  85   Anders Hakansson RC   Los Angeles Kings
  87   Brian MacLellan RC   Los Angeles Kings
  99   Tom Hirsch RC   Minnesota North Stars
  116   Jan Ludvig RC   New Jersey Devils
  121   Pat Verbeek RC   New Jersey Devils
  124   Patrick Flatley RC   New York Islanders
  125   Greg Gilbert RC   New York Islanders
  129   Pat LaFontaine RC   New York Islanders
  150   James Patrick RC   New York Rangers
  155   Peter Sundstrom RC   New York Rangers
  158   Thomas Eriksson RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  160   Paul Guay RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  165   Dave Poulin RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  167   Ilkka Sinisalo RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  169   Rich Sutter RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  170   Ron Sutter RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  182   Tim Bothwell RC   St. Louis Blues
  185   Doug Gilmour RC   St. Louis Blues
  186   Terry Johnson RC   St. Louis Blues
  191   Dwight Schofield RC   St. Louis Blues
  196   Bob Gould RC   Washington Capitals
  199   Alan Haworth RC   Washington Capitals
  227   Richard Kromm RC   Calgary Flames
  229   Hakan Loob RC   Calgary Flames
  230   Jamie Macoun RC   Calgary Flames
  234   Dan Quinn RC   Calgary Flames
  253   Kevin McClelland RC   Edmonton Oilers
  258   John Chabot RC   Montreal Canadiens
  259   Chris Chelios RC   Montreal Canadiens
  269   Steve Penney RC   Montreal Canadiens
  276   Bo Berglund RC   Quebec Nordiques
  297   Allan Bester RC, UER   Toronto Maple Leafs
  298   Rich Costello RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  305   Gary Leeman RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  307   Gary Nylund RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  322   Moe Lemay RC   Vancouver Canucks
  327   Cam Neely RC   Vancouver Canucks
  329   Andy Schliebener RC   Vancouver Canucks
  343   Andrew McBain RC   Winnipeg Jets


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