1968 Topps

Rookie Cards

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  13   Chuck Hartenstein RC   Chicago Cubs
  36   Bob Moose / Bob Robertson RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  56   Dave Leonhard / Dave May RC   Baltimore Orioles
  63   Dick Kenworthy RC   New York Mets
  71   Vern Fuller RC   Cleveland Indians
  76   Jim Britton / Ron Reed RC   Atlanta Braves
  77   Don Wilson RC   Houston Astros
  79   Ted Kubiak RC   Oakland Athletics
  91   Jim Ollom RC   Minnesota Twins
  96   Frank Coggins / Dick Nold RC   Washington Senators
  113   Tom Matchick / Daryl Patterson RC   Detroit Tigers
  126   Bobby Etheridge RC, ASR   San Francisco Giants
  128   Tom Dukes / Alonzo Harris RC   Houston Astros
  142   Buddy Bradford / Bill Voss RC   Chicago White Sox
  162   Hal Gilson / Mike Torrez RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  177   Jerry Koosman / Nolan Ryan RC   New York Mets
  179   Bill Stoneman RC   Chicago Cubs
  189   Bill Landis RC   Boston Red Sox
  191   Dan Frisella RC   New York Mets
  196   Gary Nolan RC, UER   Cincinnati Reds
  199   Roberto Rodriguez / Darrell Osteen RC   Oakland Athletics
  201   Mike Marshall RC   Detroit Tigers
  206   Cal Ermer MGR, RC   Minnesota Twins
  214   Stan Bahnsen / Frank Fernandez RC   New York Yankees
  222   Jim Hardin RC   Baltimore Orioles
  228   Jack Billingham / Jim Fairey RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  231   Dave Baldwin RC   Washington Senators
  244   John Donaldson RC   Oakland Athletics
  247   Johnny Bench / Ron Tompkins RC, ERR   Cincinnati Reds
  247   Johnny Bench / Ron Tompkins RC, COR   Cincinnati Reds
  251   Manny Sanguillen RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  258   Jose Arcia / Bill Schlesinger RC   Chicago Cubs
  287   Mickey Abarbanel / Cisco Carlos RC   Chicago White Sox
  301   George Mitterwald / Rick Renick RC   Minnesota Twins
  314   Bill Rohr / George Spriggs RC   Boston Red Sox
  328   Chuck Vinson / Jim Weaver RC   California Angels
  348   Larry Colton / Dick Thoenen RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  352   Jackie Hernandez RC   Minnesota Twins
  384   Bill Henry / Hal McRae RC   Cincinnati Reds
  409   Frank Peters / Ron Stone RC   Baltimore Orioles
  432   Bill Davis / Jose Vidal RC   Cleveland Indians
  434   Rick Joseph RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  447   George Korince / Fred Lasher RC   Detroit Tigers
  506   Clarence Jones RC   Chicago Cubs
  529   Bruce Von Hoff RC   Houston Astros
  539   Jim Ray / Mike Ferraro RC   Houston Astros / New York Yankees
  549   Curt Motton / Roger Nelson RC, UER   Baltimore Orioles
  559   Carl Taylor / Luke Walker RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  569   Ivan Murrell / Les Rohr RC   Houston Astros / New York Mets
  572   Don Bosch RC   New York Mets
  579   Larry Hisle / Mike Lum RC   Philadelphia Phillies / Atlanta Braves
  584   Larry Shepard MGR, RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  589   Ron Clark / Moe Ogier RC   Minnesota Twins


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