1983 Topps

Rookie Cards

55 record(s)

  49   Willie McGee RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  52   Onix Concepcion RC   Kansas City Royals
  54   Jim Maler RC   Seattle Mariners
  68   Eric Show RC   San Diego Padres
  83   Ryne Sandberg RC   Chicago Cubs
  122   Jimmy Smith RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  181   Terry Felton RC   Minnesota Twins
  183   Ed Vande Berg RC   Seattle Mariners
  195   Bob Stoddard RC   Seattle Mariners
  197   Jim Eisenreich RC   Minnesota Twins
  209   Mike Moore RC   Seattle Mariners
  238   Bud Black RC   Kansas City Royals
  243   Duane Walker RC   Cincinnati Reds
  251   Alan Wiggins RC   San Diego Padres
  266   Paul Boris RC   Minnesota Twins
  268   Storm Davis RC   Baltimore Orioles
  284   Jeff Lahti RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  288   Joe Cowley RC   Atlanta Braves
  293   Glenn Gulliver RC   Baltimore Orioles
  298   Floyd Chiffer RC   San Diego Padres
  299   George Wright RC   Texas Rangers
  308   Jesus Vega RC   Minnesota Twins
  317   Gary Rajsich RC   New York Mets
  322   Dave Van Gorder RC   Cincinnati Reds
  332   Glenn Wilson RC   Detroit Tigers
  344   Roger LaFrancois RC   Boston Red Sox
  354   Randy Johnson RC   Minnesota Twins
  357   Len Matuszek RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  363   John Stuper RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  371   Mike Richardt RC   Texas Rangers
  379   Guy Sularz RC   San Francisco Giants
  384   Dave Dravecky RC   San Diego Padres
  423   Tom Lawless RC   Cincinnati Reds
  431   Gary Gaetti RC   Minnesota Twins
  432   Porfirio Altamirano RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  438   Dave LaPoint RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  449   Eddie Milner RC   Cincinnati Reds
  458   Ron Washington RC   Minnesota Twins
  482   Tony Gwynn RC, UER   San Diego Padres
  498   Wade Boggs RC   Boston Red Sox
  499   Jeff Little RC   Minnesota Twins
  506   Jim Gott RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  508   Tom Filer RC   Chicago Cubs
  518   Bill Laskey RC   San Francisco Giants
  543   Alan Fowlkes RC   San Francisco Giants
  548   Brian Giles RC   New York Mets
  549   Charlie Puleo RC   New York Mets
  577   Luis Aponte RC   Boston Red Sox
  578   David Green RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  584   Dave Hostetler RC   Texas Rangers
  586   Frank Viola RC   Minnesota Twins
  596   Randy Johnson RC   Atlanta Braves
  657   Mike Gates RC   Montreal Expos
  663   Tom O'Malley RC   San Francisco Giants
  739   Rick Ownbey RC   New York Mets


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