1993 Ted Williams

Hall of Famers

74 record(s)

  1   Ted Williams   Boston Red Sox
  2   Rick Ferrell   St. Louis Browns
  7   Carl Yastrzemski   Boston Red Sox
  9   Roy Campanella   Brooklyn Dodgers
  12   Don Drysdale   Los Angeles Dodgers
  16   Duke Snider   Brooklyn Dodgers
  21   Billy Herman UER   Chicago Cubs
  22   Fergie Jenkins   Chicago Cubs
  23   Ron Santo   Chicago Cubs
  24   Billy Williams   Chicago Cubs
  25   Luis Aparicio   Chicago White Sox
  26   Luke Appling   Chicago White Sox
  28   Johnny Bench   Cincinnati Reds
  30   Joe Morgan   Cincinnati Reds
  32   Lou Boudreau   Cleveland Indians
  35   Tris Speaker   Cleveland Indians
  38   Al Kaline   Detroit Tigers
  39   George Kell   Detroit Tigers
  48   Warren Spahn   Milwaukee Braves
  54   Monte Irvin   New York Giants
  55   Willie Mays   New York Giants
  58   Yogi Berra   New York Yankees
  62   Whitey Ford   New York Yankees
  63   Lou Gehrig   New York Yankees
  66   Johnny Mize   New York Yankees
  70   Richie Ashburn   Philadelphia Phillies
  72   Steve Carlton   Philadelphia Phillies
  73   Robin Roberts   Philadelphia Phillies
  76   Ralph Kiner   Pittsburgh Pirates
  78   Bill Mazeroski   Pittsburgh Pirates
  81   Willie Stargell   Pittsburgh Pirates
  85   Earl Weaver MGR   Baltimore Orioles
  86   Lou Brock   St. Louis Cardinals
  87   Orlando Cepeda UER   St. Louis Cardinals
  90   Bob Gibson   St. Louis Cardinals
  91   Rogers Hornsby UER   St. Louis Cardinals
  92   Enos Slaughter   St. Louis Cardinals
  93   Joe Torre   St. Louis Cardinals
  94   Gaylord Perry   San Diego Padres
  97   Cool Papa Bell NLB   Chicago American Giants
  102   Oscar Charleston NLB   Homestead Grays
  103   Ray Dandridge NLB   Oakland Oaks
  105   Josh Gibson NLB   Homestead Grays
  107   Judy Johnson NLB   Pittsburgh Crawfords
  108   Buck Leonard NLB   Homestead Grays
  109   Pop Lloyd NLB   Farley Stars
  112   Satchel Paige NLB   Kansas City Monarchs
  114   Smokey Joe Williams NLB   New York Lincoln Giants
  121   Babe Ruth / Ted Williams GH   New York Yankees / Boston Red Sox
  121   Babe Ruth / Ted Williams GH   New York Yankees / Boston Red Sox
  122   Lou Gehrig GH   New York Yankees
  123   Jimmie Foxx GH   Philadelphia Athletics
  124   Rogers Hornsby GH   St. Louis Cardinals
  125   Ty Cobb GH   Detroit Tigers
  126   Willie Mays GH   San Francisco Giants
  127   Ralph Kiner GH   Pittsburgh Pirates
  128   Tris Speaker GH   Cleveland Indians
  129   Johnny Mize GH   New York Giants
  131   Satchel Paige BB   Cleveland Indians
  133   Roy Campanella BB   Brooklyn Dodgers
  134   Larry Doby BB, UER   Cleveland Indians
  136   Monte Irvin BB   New York Giants
  138   Willie Mays BB   San Francisco Giants
  141   Roy Campanella GN   Brooklyn Dodgers
  142   Bob Gibson GN   St. Louis Cardinals
  144   Willie Mays GN   Minneapolis Millers
  145   Johnny Mize GN   Rochester Red Wings
  146   Monte Irvin GN   Newark Eagles
  147   Earl Weaver MGR, GN   Baltimore Orioles
  148   Ted Williams GN   Boston Red Sox
  156   Jeff Bagwell DOL   Houston Astros
  157   Jeff Bagwell DOL   Houston Astros
  158   Jeff Bagwell DOL   Houston Astros
  159   Jeff Bagwell DOL   Houston Astros


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