2017 Donruss Certified Cuts

Hall of Famers

49 record(s)

  101   Jerry Rice SN399   San Francisco 49ers
  102   Jim Brown SN399   Cleveland Browns
  103   Lawrence Taylor SN399   New York Giants
  104   Joe Montana SN399   San Francisco 49ers
  105   Walter Payton SN399   Chicago Bears
  106   Johnny Unitas SN399   Baltimore Colts
  108   Charles Haley SN399   San Francisco 49ers
  109   Ronnie Lott SN399   San Francisco 49ers
  110   Warren Moon SN399   Minnesota Vikings
  111   Joe Greene SN399   Pittsburgh Steelers
  112   Barry Sanders SN399   Detroit Lions
  113   Ray Lewis SN399   Baltimore Ravens
  114   Brett Favre SN399   Green Bay Packers
  115   Gale Sayers SN399   Chicago Bears
  116   John Elway SN399   Denver Broncos
  117   John Hannah SN399   New England Patriots
  118   Dan Marino SN399   Miami Dolphins
  119   Bob Lilly SN399   Dallas Cowboys
  120   Emmitt Smith SN399   Dallas Cowboys
  121   Bruce Smith SN399   Buffalo Bills
  122   Deion Sanders SN399   Atlanta Falcons
  123   Raymond Berry SN399   Baltimore Colts
  124   Lance Alworth SN399   San Diego Chargers
  125   Rod Woodson SN399   Pittsburgh Steelers
  126   John Riggins SN399   Washington Redskins
  127   Roger Staubach SN399   Dallas Cowboys
  128   Red Grange SN399   Chicago Bears
  129   Terry Bradshaw SN399   Pittsburgh Steelers
  130   Eric Dickerson SN399   Los Angeles Rams
  131   Earl Campbell SN399   Houston Oilers
  132   Mike Singletary SN399   Chicago Bears
  133   Jack Ham SN399   Pittsburgh Steelers
  134   LaDainian Tomlinson SN399   San Diego Chargers
  135   Randy White SN399   Dallas Cowboys
  136   Randy Moss SN399   Minnesota Vikings
  137   Kellen Winslow SN399   San Diego Chargers
  138   Marshall Faulk SN399   St. Louis Rams
  139   Ozzie Newsome SN399   Cleveland Browns
  140   Tony Dorsett SN399   Dallas Cowboys
  141   Troy Aikman SN399   Dallas Cowboys
  142   Steve Young SN399   San Francisco 49ers
  143   Ted Hendricks SN399   Oakland Raiders
  144   Marcus Allen SN399   Kansas City Chiefs
  145   Ed Reed SN399   Baltimore Ravens
  146   Kurt Warner SN399   St. Louis Rams
  147   Fran Tarkenton SN399   Minnesota Vikings
  148   Michael Irvin SN399   Dallas Cowboys
  149   Michael Strahan SN399   New York Giants
  150   Joe Namath SN399   New York Jets


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