1991 Pro Set

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  • Series I consists of cards 1-405, Series II of cards 406-850.
  • Card #2 was skipped in the numbering because of the two #1 cards featuring the co-winners of the Pro Set Rookie of the Year Award.
  • Most of the subsets and teams were designed to be in multiples of nines so that collectors could assemble them evenly into 9-pocket plastic sheets.
  • 500 each of autographed Lawrence Taylor cards #294 and #336 were randomly inserted into packs.
  • Card #210 of Dan Marino was featured on the cover of the Oct. 1991 issue of Sports Card Trader magazine.
  • The NFL Player's Association brought a lawsuit against Pro Set alleging they did not have proper permission for 13 of the cards: #8, #46, #74, #78, #121, #125, #175, #250, #318, #326, #328, #335, #341 of players Andre Collins, Eric Dickerson, Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, Webster Slaughter, and Blair Thomas
  • A number of cards had to be reissued without the NFLPA logo on the back after they were printed without the proper clearance to use the logo. The NFLPA brought a suit against Pro Set in May 1991 over this.

User Comments

Jan. 10, 2016 - 7:35PM

pro Set was a groundbreaking football card set, and they didn't disappoint with their 1991 set. The front photography, the color backs, the stats, the bio...It was an amazing product. They overproduced, yes, and that was their undoing, but if not for Pro Set, you wouldn't have the incredible cards that they have now...Groundbreaking.

Oct. 26, 2013 - 8:25PM

1991 pro set draft day listing. Who was the #1 pick that year? Russell Maryland. He is not listed...? His RC has a pic of him holding his draft day card and it IS an insert in the 1991 pro set series 1 set. fyi as most everybody forgot about maryland in this set. weird! cheers!

May. 15, 2009 - 9:01PM

I think theres something important missing around this great card collection, and its the 9 cinderella story cards inserted in the 1991 NFL PRO SET CARD BOOK, I spect for answers, about in, and one Question, Why is there no number 2 special card listed, Its that I donĀ“t now if it is a mistake or a very rare card to find?


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