1991-92 Pro Set

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  • Print advertisements showed several rows of sample cards lined up and touted being the official card of the NHL's 75th Anniversary Celebration plus the tagline, "The Hottest Cards on Ice"
  • Series 1 consisted of cards #1-345, Series 2 of cards #346-700.

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Sep. 12, 2014 - 9:22PM

- Taken from Beckett

The Pro Set hockey issue contains 615 numbered cards. The set was released in two series of 345 and 270 cards, respectively. Pro Set also issued a French version which carries the same value. French wax boxes contained randomly inserted Patrick Roy personally autographed cards signed and numbered on the back; 1,000 of card number 125 (first series) and 1,000 of card number 599 numbered 1001 to 2000 (second series). Roy also signed 500 cards for distribution in Canadian collector's kits. Randomly inserted in U.S. packs were a limited quantity of Kirk McLean autographed cards. Ten thousand hand-numbered 3-D hologram cards were inserted in second series foil packs to commemorate the NHL's Diamond Anniversary.

Pro St CC:
These standard-size cards were issued as random inserts in French and English Pro Set 15-card foil packs. The first four were in the first series and the last five were inserted in with the second series. The Pat Falloon and Scott Niedermayer cards were withdrawn early in the first series print run. This was due to the cards being released prior to the players having appeared in an NHL game; a contravention of licensing regulations. The cards are numbered on the back with a "CC" prefix.

ProSet Gazette:
These standard-size cards were issued in cello packs.The front of card number 2 had the words "Pro Set Gazette" in the upper left corner and the player's name in a blue stripe near the bottom of the card. The SC1 Roy card has his name appearing in a red stripe at the bottom with the words "Goalie of the Year" in a blue stripe. The card is numbered "Special Collectible 1" on the back.

ProSet Awards Special:
This 17-card standard-size set features NHL players who were All-Stars, nominees, or winners of prestigious trophies. The fronts feature a borderless color action photo, with the team logo in the lower left corner, and the player's name in the black wedge below the logo. The backs present player information and the award which the player won or was nominated for, on a white and gray hockey puck background. The cards are numbered on the back and also have a star logo with the words "A Celebration of Excellence". The cards have the 1991-92 Pro Set style of design.

ProSet Player of the Month:
This six-card set was issued by Pro Set to honor hockey players for their outstanding performances during the season. The cards were distributed to all ticket holders at home games the evening of the presentation. Another feature of the presentation was a $1200 donation on behalf of the winning player to the youth hockey organization of his choice. Measuring the standard 2 1/2" by 3 1/2", card fronts feature borderless four-color action photographs. The player's team emblem appears in the lower left corner while the player's name is reversed-out white in a black wedge. On a screened hockey puck design, the horizontally oriented backs have a head shot in a circular format, biography, career statistics, and a summary of the outstanding achievement. The card number and team position appears in the upper right corner.

Edited on: Sep. 20, 2014 - 5:48PM

Jun. 3, 2014 - 12:25AM

I love this set. The Photography is right on, with some really nice shots on the cards. This is important, since this was a really big year for the NHL. Any borders or unnecessary additions to the front of the cards would have taken away from the aesthetic impact of the players and the uniforms, especially with the 75th Anniversary throwbacks. Every card has a portrait orientation, which is a plus for me. This also had just the right mix of players and special cards. Series 1's base player list has all of the big-name guys we know and love, while Series 2's base list is a little lacking, featuring depth guys and players that have been traded. HOWEVER, Series 2 greatly makes up for this with all of the extras included in it, such as the Rookies, League Leaders, Captains, HHOF, and the (slightly ironically hilarious) PLAY SMART cards. Even though the Brett Hulls and Sergei Fedorovs are in Series 1, you still feel like you have a chance at some nice players with every pack you open.

tl;dr: These cards are really good looking, and Series 1 & 2 are pretty evenly balanced. This is a fun set that will have more value sentimentally that monetarily.

Jan. 7, 2014 - 11:59PM

First pack of cards I ever opened as a kid was 1991-92 Pro Set. I loved them so much and spent so much time looking at them that I actually remember most of the cards from that very pack even after all these years: Paul Ysebaert, Terry Carkner, Mathieu Schneider, Gino Cavallini, Gord Murphy, Uwe Krupp, Chris Chelios, Steve Smith, Fredrik Olausson, Bill Ranford All-Star...

Gave this set an 8. I don't care that these cards have no value. I had massive fun with them, and I currently remember fond childhood memories as I type. This truly is all what matters. Thank you, Pro Set.


Posted by: Admin
Nov. 6, 2011 - 3:53PM


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