2003 Rittenhouse Star Trek: The Complete Animated Adventures

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  1   Stardate 5221.3. On a star-charting mission be  
  2   The Enterprise crew tracks strange radio emiss  
  3   A boarding party comprised of Kirk, Spock, McC  
  4   From the ship's logs, the landing party determ  
  5   Captain Kirk orders Scotty to ready the self-d  
  6   Spock rigs a shield on the bridge's navigation  
  7   The entity attacks Spock with phasers until Ca  
  8   Captain Kirk activates the Enterprise's manual  
  9   Believing that Captain Kirk and his crew were  
  10   Stardate 5373.4. The U.S.S. Enterprise travels  
  11   The landing party beams back to the Enterprise  
  12   Spock travels 30 years into his past, to the y  
  13   Sarek talks to young Spock about his emotions  
  14   Young Spock's pet sehlat, I'Chaya, follows him  
  15   The Le-matya's poisonous claws scratch the seh  


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