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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Set: 1995-96 Collector's Choice - Player's Club

Card: #15 German Titov

“ My favorite Collector's Choice design- I think. The year after was pretty good too. And a parallel! I like parallels...this was one of the first sets to have a second level parallel, nowadays it probably would have been numbered. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ He looks like he's on crutches. I guess the tiny "calgary FLAMES" text is kind of neat, maybe, but it's so small that the little "TM" by "FLAMES" is practically the same size as "calgary." ” -revnorb

“ "I like watching my favorite tv show on the big screen. I'll get back to hockey in a moment." ” -cjjt

“ Cool name. ” -carthage44

“ Always loved the irony of the "Collector's Choice" brand. I think if it truly were up to the collectors to choose the fonts would be easier to read. The branding wouldn't be a vertical banner. The back would have full career stats not just one season. Hmm? Is the Player's Club gray bordered or does the front scan need cropping to the card edge? ” -captkirk42

“ I liked this set when it came out - big fan of action shots. Underrated winger. Won a sliver with Russia in the '98 Olympics and a gold in the '93 world championships. Had a solid +/- in his prime. ” -NSEndo

“ Back when parallels were pretty straightforward and easy to identify. ” -switzr1

“ Who at UD thought that the photo of a guy standing around the bench awaiting an instant replay review (or for fighting penalty minutes to be assessed, maybe?) was a better choice for the front of a card than the actual action shot they used on the back? ” -kents_stuff

“ Still working on my Players Club set from 95-96 CC. Always got a chuckle out of a Russian that is named German. ” -rmitchell6700

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