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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Set: 2010-11 O-Pee-Chee

Card: #399 Toni Lydman

“ O-Pee-Chee appears to be very popular with the Hockey fans. ” -carthage44

“ Played 7 seasons in the NHL.I like this set EXCEPT FOR THE LACK OF A WRITE UP!!!! ” -uncaian

“ Yuck. Ugly color scheme. And those darn player's photos keep getting in the way of all the graphics. It'd also be nice to be able to tell which card company made these. ” -C2Cigars

“ Okay, Card manufacturer logo: check. Team logo: check. Player name and position: legible under magnification. And look. There's a bit of room left over! Maybe we should add a picture. Careful not to make it too big though... ” -dilemma19

“ Nice OPC card. Love the retro unbleached cardboard I wish all the card makers still used the vintage "card stock" and not the modern thinner "paper stock" ” -captkirk42

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by ranfordfan
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by guido2cheeks

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