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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Set: 2001-02 Ultra

Card: #63 Kenyon Martin

“ The Nets in 2001-02 were magical...one of the most exciting, memorable season ever. The Nets (my favorite team) were always near the bottom of the rankings, until they traded for Jason Kidd in the offseason between 2000-01 and 2001-02. They then made the biggest turnaround in NBA history at that time, and went all the way to the finals, first time in franchise history. Unfortunately, like all Byron Scott led teams, they did not try to get rebounds and were swept in the finals. They made it back the next year but then the GM of the team broke it up, sending Kenyon to the Nuggets. (as well as other changes) The Nets have not made the finals since. Kenyon was one of my favorite Nets and I will still wear, on occasion, my road #6 jersey. He just retired in the last offseason. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I must be really old because even though this is a pretty cool pic, this type of card design does nothing for me. And did he outrun all humanity in the fast break or were his opponents calculatingly Photoshopped out? ” -revnorb

“ Nice photo. Always like large readable card numbers. Don't care for foil anywhere on a card. Kenyon is a great role model for all of his off-court charity and community activities. ” -C2Cigars

“ I like the very readable back, everything compartmentalized. Great job. ” -NJdevils

“ Pretty nice card, except for the foil printing. Back is a nice design. This rookie card was before they started with the big noise of actually printing "RC" or "Rookie" on player's RCs. ” -captkirk42

“ Nice action shot! ” -carthage44

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