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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Set: 1971 Topps

Card: #46 Dave Campbell

“ No team logo on the front. Facsimile signature. Incomplete stats on the back. Burn it. Seriously though, I'm curious to see how many people will overlook their usual complaints because it's "vintage". When I go to the shop to pick up a few 1950s-70s cards, this is a set I never even look at. ” -switzr1

“ Great set. Could be better if it wasn't for the black borders and the chipping. ” -KMack

“ This would have been perfect without the phony autograph...at least it's not over his face! Was this the first Topps baseball set to include a photo on the back? ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Love the old school SD logo ” -ketchupman36

“ If I owned the Padres, day one the team would be going back to these colors and this version of the interlocking SD cap logo. Oh, great looking card as well. ” -Gunny

“ A classic Topps set. Always liked the facsimile signature on the cards, too. ” -jayoneill

“ Finally a classic. ” -carthage44

“ Classic! Always loved this design, minus the challenge of finding sharp corners. ” -tbshaw

“ Ahhh....after today's horsie picture card (go back a week) much better. ” -rmpaq5

“ Nice! Year after the O’s won their second WS in 4 years. Kind of a simple design but it definitely works. ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ Ahhhhh. My first year of collecting cards. 5 years old. My dad bought me pack of 4th series cards--Aurelio Rodriguez, Carl Morton, Tim McCarver, Ken Harrelson, Jim Perry, Steve Huntz, Cesar Geronimo, Angels team, Bob Didier, Jose Cardenal, John Stephenson. I can't remember the rest. It would be some time before I finished the set (maybe 1976). Dave Campbell would be a late comer to my set. ” -cjjt

“ Ah sweet Vintage Baseball from my youth. Pretty sure I have this card, or I did have it back in the day. 1971 is another of the zillion Topps Flagship sets I need to "complete". That is a nice example of the '71s no edge chipping which is a very common occurrence for this set. ” -captkirk42

“ Very nice card. The black border cards are really tough to find and keep in mint condition. ” -NJDevils


“ YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! Awesome card, awesome set. I wish I had me some. It has been awhile since we had something this cool on RCOTD. And recently we had a forum thread on this set too. Love it!!!! ” -muskie027

“ I hate to say it but this is my least favorite card year. But only because with the black frame it makes it extremely difficult to find cards in great condition. ” -Joshua825

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