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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Set: 1990 CMC Syracuse Chiefs

Card: #23 Stu Pederson

“ Cool, I like minor league cards. And my two favorite colors are green and yellow, so the theme works well for me. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Joc's daddy! ” -trauty

“ Not bad. It looks like 90 Minor Leagues. ” -muskie027

“ This card is 5 years after Stu made his very brief Major League Debut in 1985 with the Los Angeles Dodgers playing in 8 games, 5 plate appearances, 0 hits, 1 RBI (on a Sac Fly). He is most notable for being the father of current Major Leaguer, Joc Pederson of the Dodgers. ” -carthage44

“ Why when I look at this dudes name does my mental spell check go off? Seems like Stu Pederson should be Stew Peterson. I'm just saying.... ” -YoRicha

“ Nice to see an old Blue Jays MiLB card. ” -olerud363

“ I was going to say, "Oh, Stu. You get one card and this is the look on your face? I'm so sorry." But he has 16 cards. Because of his brilliant career? No, but because...modern card collecting. Good for him. Like the logo, don't hate the front. Back has too much wasted space. And still, "Oh, Stu..." ” -Vvvergeer

“ As an owner of a "Sports Card Business" I will from time to time get these and other Minor League Team Sets or singles. I have never had a bunch of luck moving these cards. This set (1990 CMC) was, in my opinion, one of the worst looking Baseball cards ever. Look at how blurry the picture is? The colors are a terrible combination of green and yellow shocking on the eyes it takes away from whoever the hell Stu Pederson is? The backs are not much better and with a checklist of over 500 the same dual looking ugly cards, you can see why these failed miserably. ” -The House Of Cards

“ Nothing like being a DH in the minor leagues. ” -kirkscards

“ Thought this was a poorly drawn card from the 52 bowman set, then realized, nope this is a photo. ” -parsley24

“ Nice minor league baseball. I think I have some Orioles affiliates from this set, or Expos, or whatevers. ” -captkirk42

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