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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Set: 2000 Topps Gold Label Class 3

Card: #92 Rick Asadoorian

“ This action shot of him approaching third really looks staged. ” -rmpaq5

“ I loved the gold label concept/set. The cards look so good in person, like every one is a refractor. It probably doesn't hurt that I pulled a 1/1 from a single pack purchase of the NBA set, my first 1/1. . ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Pretty solid all-around. ” -carthage44

“ I don't know something about this card looks awkward. Not a very fitting design for something called "Gold Label", more like "Gold Lame"., ” -Doc Floyd

“ A very different card and I I like it a lot. ” -NJdevils

“ The Gold Label with its 3 classes is one of the most confusing sets I had seen when I got back into the hobby around 2003 or 4 or whenever it was I was getting back into the hobby. The design is OK but lacking and the name hard to read a bit. Foil lettering of course "gold label" what else? Back nice look but lacking info. ” -captkirk42

“ Cool looking card but eventually a headache with all the different levels and telling them apart. Other than PC, passing on these! ” -Joshua825

“ I really liked Gold Label hockey. I just wish they didn't create the 1/1's for each color and class - totally unnecessary. Thick stock, embossed cards, clean designs, but too many parallels. ” -suomibear8

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