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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Set: 1994 Score - Gold Rush

Card: #227 Armando Reynoso

“ I like the photo, and I know the card looks better in hand, so I give this a thumbs up. ” -switzr1

“ Not a bad looking card at all. ” -muskie027

“ I believe I have this card. I liked the base set but I am not a fan of parallels. Though this concept was new and I liked it when it came out. ” -davidhandberry

“ Should be vertically presented due to the pose. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Very poor scan. ” -carthage44

“ Good photo. good simple design. ” -parsley24

“ Good scan. ” -cjjt

“ Like the front; good action picture. Would rather see no picture on the back and make the stats bigger for easier reading. ” -KMack

“ I loved these Gold Rush cards. Except for the fact that they picked up fingerprints. ” -IndyBean17

“ I liked the Gold Rush parallel and similar innovations from the outset of parallels and inserts in the early 90s. I wish sets, and life, were as simple as back then. ” -kents_stuff

“ uh-glee ” -NJDevils

“ Reynosos had maybe the pick-off move of any RHP I've ever seen. As for the card, this was a solid year for Score. Didn't exactly go ga-ga over these Gold Rush parallels, but they're fun to collect. ” -mkaz80

“ Oh, a card featuring Mexican League stats. Neat! ” -DarkSide830

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