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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Set: 1989 Little Sun High School Prospects

Card: #2 Earl Cunningham

“ Must have been a thrill back then to be in high school and have your own baseball card. Earl doesn't seem too excited though. ” -olerud363

“ Holy Smokes! I expected this to be the one and only card of one Earl Cunningham ever made, but a quick search of his PID and he actually has major release cards from Bowman, OpeeChee, and Topps, thanks to being drafted high, as well as some Minor League stuff. Good for him! As for the card....it's horrible. ” -rmpaq5

“ Handsome young man on a typical low budget product. If I was in high school and that was me on the card, though, this would be a huge deal for me. ” -Sportzcommish

“ I wonder if the photographer told him to strike the "Big man on campus" pose... Strange that he was never promoted past high A-ball, since the Cubs had a black hole in CF through the early 90s, (Doug Dascenzo, Willie Wilson, Tuffy Rhodes). He wasn't tearing it up in the minors, but he wasn't terrible... ” -dilemma19

“ Wow talk about your minor leagues, this is one of those High School exclusive ones. This sort of card would only interest people from that school or from the surrounding area that knew of the school. It reminds me that a few months ago some collector mentioned somewhere (I forget if it was here or another forum or maybe even their blog) about having a card like this of a player who is now a big name star. The story also mentioned something about the high school coach either being given that card, or discovering the card, or giving the card to the player. I forget what the deal was, but it was interesting at the time. ” -captkirk42

“ Never Knew they could do Highschool Baseball cards. The Photo is nice for it's time, The border is a bit trashy, overall 6.7. ” -TradingCards964

“ The 8th overall pick by the Cubs in 1989. He might be the Cubs biggest draft bust as he never made it above high A ball. ” -carthage44

“ I am not a fan of the Gold Border. However, the picture and the green "OF," are solid-looking. ” -nubala

“ Not bad, but could be better. Looks like a big High School kid. I don't remember him as a pro, so I am assuming he never came through. ” -muskie027

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