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Monday, January 16, 2017

Set: 2003-04 Fleer Platinum - Nameplates (Rate)

Card: #NP/MP Mickael Pietrus

“ I love the concept of this series, even if this design is not as nice as the two previous years. The patch is taken from the player's name on the back of the jersey. The fact that they messed with the exposure of the image really takes away from the design. The previous year was based off an automotive license plate, which I like much better. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Not a big fan of memorabilia cards that destroy jerseys and other game used equipment. Not the most attractive design, but still better than most current Panini products. Front scan is a bit dark. ” -hphillips

“ As a hockey collector I don't often comment basketball cards, but this one deserves a word or two. I really like that yellowish goldish mood in this card and serial numbered cards are always cool. That patch suits perfectly to this card and set. Other cards I've seen in this set aren't so nice. Blue bar and quirky platinum word spoils a little bit, but definitely thumbs up. ” -Duke

“ Two-color jersey piece, more valuable than just a single color piece. ” -carthage44

“ Nice card as GU (or now relic?) cards go. I like it is serial numbered. I really think that ALL relic cards (and autograph cards) should be serial numbered since there is a limited amount of little one inch squares you can laser cut and get onto cards. ” -captkirk42

“ Pleasant looking card. Too much background stuff covered up ” -jayoneill

“ Nice Sketch, not a fan of the "Warriors" Font. Or the orange/yellow background. But you can't omplain about the patch of fleer platinum. ” -TradingCards964

“ Reminds me of a magazine cover. ” -dilemma19

“ I like the odd serial number ” -cjjt

“ Wow, that's...aggressive. Like what a giant card on a Begas hotel would look like. Says "Warriors" three times, "Fleer" twice, and "Platinum" twice on the front. Guess some stuff is worth repeating. Or not. ” -Vvvergeer

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Set: 2000-01 Fleer Mystique - NBAwesome (Rate)

Card: #8NA Allen Iverson

“ This insert was printed on white plastic stock. Iverson won MVP that year and led his team to the NBA Finals, but they fell to the Lakers in the middle of their Three-Peat. And he accomplished it all without practicing :) At 6 foot even, Allen Iverson is the shortest NBA MVP in my lifetime (although he's still taller than me) ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Also, the NBAwesome, team name, Mystique name and the design at the bottom are printed in holofoil. Looks great in hand but scans nearly white, which makes it hard to see on the white background. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ OH a change of Sport we haven't had Basketball in a while.Cool front design, although I am tired of the modern designs with the player photographed in front of a green screen and their image pasted into some strange background design. ” -captkirk42

“ Ick. Busy and blurry. I pretty much hate anything that asserts for itself that it's awesome. Are those Olympic Rings? And, oh dear, I just read the silliness on the back. Just no. ” -Vvvergeer

“ They mystery to me is why there needs to be so many sets from one company. Points off for the same photo on the front and back. They NBA Awesome takes up 25% of the car and makes it look like an insert from Sports Illustrated for Kids. Overall, a no. ” -muskie027

“ NBActually, it looks as if the black ink cartridge needed replacing (see shoe on right foot). A great photo but a 1991-92 Skybox replica that doesn't appeal to me. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Such a tiny guy but so EXPLOSIVE! ” -carthage44

“ Allen Iverson always in action. I like this card. ” -76ers2001

“ Apparently I missed the awesome but I can crop it if I should choose to do so. ” -UKboogie

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Set: 1983 Riley's Louisville Redbirds (Rate)

Card: #30 Jed Smith

“ I enjoy minor league team logos. Pretty cool front of card. Back of card looks pretty boring. Is bullpen catcher a player or more of a coach position? ” -Mitch

“ Nice card of a bullpen catcher. That's just absolutely AWESOME! How can anyone not like minor league baseball cards? ” -vrooomed

“ This design seems familiar, but it's not bad. I like the team logo. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Not many 14-yr olds with a baseball card. ” -volbox

“ Love Love Love minor league logos! And how often does the bullpen catcher get a card!! ” -rmpaq5

“ Nice 1980s Minor League card. Love the team logo. Back really lacking even for minor league cards from then. ” -captkirk42

“ I love the front for a minor league set, but the back is nothing special. I like stats. ” -muskie027

“ Finally the bullpen catcher gets some card love. ” -dilemma19

“ Cool logo! ” -carthage44

“ Nice redbirds logo, great to put it on the side. Great shot of Jed Half kneeling. ” -TradingCards964

“ Love the logo! Good ole Bullpen Catcher getting a card ” -702tpr777

“ These look like a pretty solid take on the '83 Fleer design. I'd love some stats on the back, probably lacking because he's just the bullpen catcher though. ” -marcbrubaker

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Set: 2002 Stadium Club (Rate)

Card: #71 Barry Bonds

“ Nicely designed card. Good photo, no gimmicks. I like it. If this is like the NBA set from the same year they have a coating that feels "slippery" in hand and sticks to other cards badly. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ It might seem a little plain, but I like the design. I don't think I have many (if any at all) of these cards though. ” -jupiterhill

“ Smart and technically flawless defensive player? Unless you are trying to throw out a hobbled Sid Bream from deep shortstop. ” -rmpaq5

“ Roid up! ” -carthage44

“ Topps will forever rule the card market,classy design both front and back. ” -Bs Cards

“ Nice borderless card. Previous season stats broken down into categories is a nice change of pace. I wasn't really familiar with this set before today, but I like what I see. ” -dilemma19

“ Nice card design. NO major complaints about the set. Now about Mr. Bonds, plenty. Never liked his attitude while playing, I think he has mellowed some since. This card is 5 years before the annoying Going for the Record Media Circus in 2007 that I absolutely hated and was very ticked about him doing the breaking against my Nationals. I hated the in game break/celebration the most. ” -captkirk42

“ I slept on this set, but came into a few Astros from it recently. Very nice. Front text is a little small. And as the guys from Effectively Wild would say, "you know why, right?" ” -marcbrubaker

“ Nice looking card. Would have looked a little nicer without the silver rounded edge rectangle around the team logo. I like the photography of Stadium Club, but I never really got into a lot of the stat presentations on the back. ” -muskie027

“ I don't remember this set, and I was collecting in 2002. Looks pretty good. ” -switzr1

“ Though the swing may have been a homer, the card is not. The labels blend into the photo and the Stadium Club logo belies the brand's usual high quality card, which I tend to like. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Topps Stadium club. Giants. Barry Bonds. ” -TradingCards964

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Set: 1994 Score Rookie & Traded - Gold Rush (Rate)

Card: #RT157 Marcus Moore

“ This looks like something straight out of 1994. Oh, wait... ” -switzr1

“ The dual photo shots reminds me of the documentary "Woodstock". ” -carthage44

“ Similar to today's RCOD, a dark scan of a player who never made much of an impact. These parallel cards are shiny and look pretty good in-hand, but I prefer the base set with solid red borders. Great back, except it's impossible to decipher the player's first name. ” -dilemma19

“ Did anybody Rush to get this gold back in 1994? The difference between this and the regular base is this is sort of chrome? ” -captkirk42

“ My favorite part about Rookies & Traded sets is that it's often the only card for a lot of players on specific teams. If you're a team collector, these sets are helpful. ” -wax_house

“ There sure was a plethora of junk in the mid-90's! ” -cckeith

“ The back looks nicer than the front. The front gives me a headache, it is as if I am seeing double. A big picture instead of two split pictures would have looked nicer. ” -muskie027

“ I love color parallels but with these gold cards they seem condition sensitive. The slightest tip is glaringly obvious. Not a fan. ” -Joshua825

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Set: 1978 SSPC 270 (Rate)

Card: #217 George Brett

“ I love the 1976 SSPC set, but I don't think I knew there was a 1978 set. Very cool to see a card I've never seen before, of a modern HOFer. ” -switzr1

“ Google "George Brett dugout". Definitely a hard charger. One of the best ever. The "pine tar incident" and "Nettles brawl" are another couple great videos showing his temper. ” -CluelessJoe

“ What does SSPC stand for? ” -carthage44

“ Sweet collar! This looks less like the White Sox uniforms despised by Chris Sale, and more like the photographer stopped Mr. Brett on his way out of the stadium and asked him to pull a Royals jersey over his collared shirt and hold a bat for a quick photo. He didn't even try to properly expose the jersey. ” -dilemma19

“ Scary looking card. At first glance I didn't think it was even baseball. George is looking more like a cricket player in this photo. Hehe. ” -captkirk42

“ Great player and iconic competitor, but lousy person with fans. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Weird. I never heard of SSPC, so I assume this was not a major released set. The picture is odd because of the collared shirt under the uniform. Not sure how this picture came to be, but I like the oddness of it. ” -muskie027

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Set: 2004 Press Pass (Rate)

Card: #46 Jimmy Vasser

“ Jimmy seems to need to pick up a sponsor or twelve. ” -rmpaq5

“ Vasser had a very brief NASCAR career- two races in 2003 - but he was much more successful in Indy car racing. He won 10 races in his career there and the 1996 Championship. Now retired, he is currently a team owner in the IndyCar series. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ The back was no help on how he did during the season. Lots of NA's. ” -carthage44

“ Looks kind of plain even for a racing card. Thought the back was a checklist at first but appears to be some kind of general schedule of the racing season? ” -captkirk42

“ He's looking a bit too cool for having not finished top-20 in any of the races listed on the back... ” -dilemma19

“ "Ladies....." ” -SFC Temple

“ I really like that they put some stats on the back. I never collected NASCAR, but I always thought some kind of stat would be good. This is a nice looking set. ” -muskie027

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Set: 1993-94 Leaf Sisu Finland (Rate)

Card: #294 Jyrki Poikolainen

“ I think this is the first card of the day to come up in the Finnish language. Pretty cool! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I am so glad that this marble pattern died in the 90s. Although it gives variety, so am also glad it lived. ” -xv3thekid

“ This looks like a 1993 card. I like the word under his name on the back. Maybe that's his position. They sure have some long words in the Finnish language. ” -switzr1

“ Poor shot (I mean the photo shot not his actual ability). ” -carthage44

“ Very odd. Reminds me of classics with its simple front. Card number on front, um OK. Still odd don't know what to think of it. ” -captkirk42

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Set: 2011 Topps Heritage (Rate)

Card: #168 Rajai Davis

“ I never collected the Heritage Cards, but I love looking at cards from the original Topps set with this design. To me, it feels sacrilegious to put the modern players in the old designs, I feel that they are sacred to those players and those times, but if you are into these, there aren't many set designs to bring back better than this one. ” -muskie027

“ I just scanned three cards from this set today- (12/31/16, as I have not gone to bed yet) the first time I had ever done that as I just got them in November. They were already done on the Database but I needed to fill a page of old school brown cardboard. I like the design. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I like Topps Heritage and especially the '62 design. The netting and seats in the background looked like a weird design at first. ” -joshthurman

“ The epitome of nostalgia - Topps Heritage. Someone in this community of collectors referred me to them and I have been sold ever since. Any set, any sport. They are my favorites. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Terrible design the first time around. ” -cjjt

“ My general rule...if it's Heritage, then it's good.....I love all the Heritage sets....this is my least favorite, but that has more to do with the fact that the 1962 set is one of my least favorites. Always loved Rajai...he had a good season or two with the A's. ” -tbshaw

“ Love woody's! ” -carthage44

“ Another great year of heritage. Always loved this set apart for a few annoying tidbits. The 2013 design was awful, unlike the 2011 one here. Also, the stats for the 2016 set did not include "games," which is vital to my sorting system. Otherwise though, there are the wonderful sets like this one. ” -DarkSide830

“ Oh, if only there had been one more runner on base... ” -switzr1

“ I love the Heritage sets. You can't go wrong with the classic '62 design! Rajai is the "almost" hero for Cleveland in game 7. That was a monster home run in a classic game! ” -cckeith

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Set: 2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven (Rate)

Card: #142 Jevon Kearse

“ I really don't like cards where the entire design is just the player in front of some computer generated backdrop like this. At leas the scan is good. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Not all that original. He was the Freak, but this card isn't as special as he was. ” -muskie027

“ Ok card. Good player. I don't get the name of the set though. ” -switzr1

“ The Freak! Go Titans. ” -joshthurman

“ Playoff was trying to survive here. ” -carthage44

“ The first thing that catches my attention here is the set name. What? Nothing else really catches my eye here. ” -DarkSide830

“ OK looking design, football as background for set called "Hogg Heaven". Except to me being a Redskins fans "HOGG" (or actually "Hogs" with only one g) as it relates to football will always be the Skins O-Line during the 1980s. ” -captkirk42

“ Not familiar with this set at all. Fake background - strike one! Minimum stats on back - strike two! Not Topps - strike three! Maybe they look better in person. ” -jayoneill

“ I love the logo in the background. ” -Quinn820

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