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Friday, November 4, 2016

Year: 2013

Set: Choice Mahoning Valley Scrappers (Rate)

Card: #2 Ryan Battaglia

“ Don't see many Australians in professional baseball. This team is based in PA, I think. What's going on in front of #27? ” -Billy Kingsley

“ What's not to like...big action shot, team logo and decent stat bar. Maybe a better narrative, but at this point maybe he didn't have one. ” -SFC Temple

“ Nice '62/'87 throwback feel, and nice guest appearance by the catchers mit! I like the faded out baseball on the card back....nice. ” -tbshaw

“ I'm pretty sure this is the 2nd RCOD from this set. Picked it up on my way to a National a few years ago. Need to go back and see a game there, as Mahoning Valley is the westernmost team in the New York-Penn League. ” -Dave Sosidka

“ A solid attempt at replicating the 1987 Topps set. ” -carthage44

“ I swear we had a card from this set in the past two months, or perhaps the wood border sets are all starting to blend together in my brain. I really like the wood border concept, and the overall design of this card/set is excellent. This is a great photo, love logo, and the team name on the top although small, really works with the way the whole card is laid out. The back has some empty space, but its minor league, a lot of players don't have many years of stats yet. In my opinion great card! ” -rmpaq5

“ Solid minor league card. Nothing to complain about. ” -dilemma19

“ Hey batta batta sa-wing Battaglia. ” -sahal694

“ Nice Minor League card borrowing the classic wood grain pattern from topps 1962 and 1987 designs. ” -captkirk42

“ Love the wood design. This reminds me of 1987 Topps though. ” -702tpr777

“ This is what 1987 Topps cards would have looked like had they come out in 2013. To be honest though, the wooden border just works for baseball. This is one of the nicest minor league cards I have seen. ” -muskie027

“ Great card! I love minor league sets and the team logos. ” -twinscollector34

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