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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Year: 2007-08

Set: Upper Deck Be a Player (Rate)

Card: #145 Mike Knuble

“ Nice to see another hockey card come up. I have to admit most of my 2017 was spent on the NHL. I only have a card or two from this set, yet. Not a huge fan of sets where the background and in this case even some of the foreground has been removed and replaced by graphics, but in this early stage of my collecting the sport, I'm happy to be able to read the back of any of them I see in an effort to learn as much as possible. His name and the team name should have been capitalized also. Grammar matters. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ OK at best. The Be a Player logo should have been a Flyer logo, that would have made it so much better. I also hate the lower case first letter on the names. Overall, it isn't bad, it could have been great. ” -muskie027

“ I don't know what the weird water color thing going on is, but I kind of like it. The uniform number in the upper left really seems out of place though. ” -switzr1

“ Graphic-itis kills the front. Same-pic-noma undoes the back. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Be a Player? These must have been only Hockey releases because I have not seen these sets in Baseball or Football. ” -carthage44

“ Weird graphics. This one is a hard pass for me. The trademark circle after the flyers name really just adds to the horribleness of this card. Plus its hockey. ” -parsley24

“ Good ol’ Mike Knuble. Liked him better as a Capital. As for the card, not very good at all as it looks like it got caught in the color machine too many times. ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ Haven't seen one of these, not being much into the hockey cards. But looks like an Upper Deck to me. ” -kents_stuff

“ Not a bad card. Something different and colorful. ” -NJDevils

“ Lot of dead space here. Same picture front and back. ” -cjjt

“ This set would be better without the watercolor type backgrounds. ” -captkirk42

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Saturday, December 30, 2017 12:19 AMReply Quote Top Bottom Report

Good to see a local guy as COtD! Mike grew up nearby and was a few years ahead of me in Kentwood, Mi.


Happy Trading!


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Saturday, December 30, 2017 9:13 AMReply Quote Top Bottom Report

Great run of 90s era Wolverines this month -Webber, then Rose, now Knuble.  Perhaps Leroy Hoard or Ricky Powers will pop up tomorrow.


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Saturday, December 30, 2017 11:04 AMReply Quote Top Bottom Report

Aside form the team logo/card logo problem.. this is sa good looking card.


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Saturday, December 30, 2017 12:49 PMReply Quote Top Bottom Report

Click on the "Write one now" under Knuble and you will get your wish!

AirPete wrote:

Great run of 90s era Wolverines this month -Webber, then Rose, now Knuble.  Perhaps Leroy Hoard or Ricky Powers will pop up tomorrow.






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Saturday, December 30, 2017 12:56 PMReply Quote Top Bottom Report

Not much into collecting hockey, but I really like this design.


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