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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Year: 2000

Set: Stadium Club (Rate)

Card: #36 Henry Rodriguez

“ I like the simplicity, great scan ” -hphillips

“ Quite a run on Stadium Club lately. This is from the time when they were using really interesting photos in the set. And the team logos were always holofoil, which I like. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Stadium Club is usually very good, this one is OK not the greatest. Can't tell what the round foil seal thing is looks like the Cubs Logo, not sure. Back is pretty standard. ” -captkirk42

“ I don't have any of these, so I have to say either Stadium Club lost some of their photo quality with this set, or the scan isn't great. not sure which it is. As always, I complain about the stats offered on the back. On the front, something seems lacking. Not one of there better sets. ” -muskie027

“ I believe I must have been recovering from an overdose of Y2K Spam because I do not recall this design from Stadium Club at all. Still it only serves to prove that Y2K didn't affect technology as that's one great photo! ” -Sportzcommish

“ H-Rod was a nice player in his own right. ” -carthage44

“ Great action shot...just with the team logo wasn't silver foil. ” -rmpaq5

“ No logo. No position. No like. ” -NJDevils

“ Never cared for these Stadium Club cards much. The hologram logo on the front was hard to read, so if there were multiple teams shown in the picture and it wasn't an instantly recognizable name, it caused some confusion. The back had some interesting stats - first cards I remember having stats laid out like that. ” -jasongerman9

“ Amazingly simple design for Topps Stadium Club. Who would of thought they were capable of such a thing. I'm a fan of simple designs but don't care for horizontal orientation. ” -C2Cigars

“ Stadium Club usually had some great action shots. But my luck with them was horrible! I usually pulled a lot of base, nothing else. Sorry, pass! ” -Joshua825

“ Nice action shot on the front. I have often wondered, however, why card companies settle for photos like the one on the back that have a very unflattering expression. I get candid shots, but when it is specifically a close up of a face, make it one where he isn't looking like he's constipated. ” -Brimose

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