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Monday, October 17, 2016

Year: 1983

Set: Fritsch One Year Winners (Rate)

Card: #70 Jim McManus

“ I hate the front. That being said, I love the concept of treating minor league stats like they are important. Jim's bio has that covered. There's more to baseball than just the Major Leagues. He got sent down to the minors for 1961? Yeah, sent down to Hawaii. Doesn't sound so terrible to me! ” -switzr1

“ K.C. Athletics ” -RoundtheDiamond87

“ It speaks to the relationship between Larry Fritsch and Topps that he was able to use Topps negatives to make this set. The other legend of the connection between the two is that Robin Yount's 1975 Topps rookie card is card number 223- which Larry Fritsch (who was from Wisconsin)'s house number at the time. ” -Dave Sosidka

“ I wasn't familiar with this set but I really it. I like both the front and back designs and I like the concept of the set. Everyone who has played in the major leagues deserves a baseball card. Well done! ” -twinscollector34

“ Nice random commemorative baseball card. ” -captkirk42

“ Interesting card and set. I've never heard of these, I suppose there is a reason for that. >.> ” -koloth42

“ Nice looking card, but lots of strange aspects. For instance, what do the letters in the bases surrounding the card number represent? Never heard of the player, but he appears to have been decent. ” -dilemma19

“ Looks like a rather interesting idea for a set, guys who only got the proverbial "cup of coffee" in the majors. A blatant rip off of 1966 Topps design, but still and interesting idea. ” -rmpaq5

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Jack Webster

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Letters in the bases surrounding the card number are Larry Fritsch and son Jeff's initials.

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