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Friday, December 30, 2016

Year: 1985

Set: Fleer (Rate)

Card: #294 Juan Beniquez

“ When I was a kid this was the first non-OpeeChee set I ever saw available to be bought at the corner store. It seemed all the corner stores in my neighbourhood had these rather than OpeeChee that year. As a result I remember getting on my bike and buying quite a few packs of these when I had spare change lying around. Looking at it today I still like it, the backs are really well organized, and the grey border just added a little something different for the time. ” -rmpaq5

“ Silver borders....never good. I am actually a fan of Fleer products, but this year as not a very good vintage..... Good to see Mr. Beniquez.....have not seen him in awhile. Feliz Navidad! ” -tbshaw

“ 80s Fleer is great. I was a huge fan of Fleer. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Style is okay. I love all the stats on the back. ” -cjjt

“ Beautiful card design. Beniquez managed to hang around a long time, playing for a lot of different teams. Was this set one of the first to have a player photo on the back? ” -dilemma19

“ The good old California Angels. ” -carthage44

“ Despite being super overproduced I love the 1980s. Always liked Fleer from then as well. I actually preferred them over Donruss in the early 80s. Topps of course was #1. ” -captkirk42

“ Looking at the set design as a standalone set, this is a nice design. I disliked it in 1985 - the backs were the same as the 1984s and the fronts were too similar to the 1983s. But, in retrospect, Donruss used the exact same design on the back for 7 years and it wasn't that much different from the previous 3 years. ” -vrooomed

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Absolutely love the Old School Angels Uniform and Logos.Fleer had some pretty memorable cards throughout the 80's.

Happy New Year everyone!

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