Cubs in the Wild

by Doe MG - 9 cards (Last updated on Apr. 18, 2017)

9. 1990 Upper Deck #169 Robby Thompson

Cub Jerome Walton sliding into 2nd base.

8. 1990 Upper Deck #696 Rick Reuschel

Cub Greg Maddux at bat.

7. 1990 Upper Deck #144 Rafael Ramirez

Cub Jose Nunez, sliding into 2nd base at Wrigley Field.

Other 1990 Upper Deck cards with captured Cubs.

#166, Ryne Sandberg sliding into 2nd on the back of the Mets' Greg Jefferies card.
#248, Mark Grace playing 1st base on the back of the Pirates' Gary Redus card.
#356, not yet IDed, sliding into 1st base on the back of the Expos' Andres Galarraga card.

6. 1991 Upper Deck #381 Tom Foley

Cubs in the Wild: Mark Grace sliding into 2nd base.

The back of this card shows Cub Greg Smith (I think- 1990).

Other Cubs shown on the back of cards in this set:
#137 - Hmm...
#206 - Jeff Pico being run down. (1990)
#733 - Doug Dascenzo on a (I believe) return to 1st base slide.

5. 1991 Upper Deck #178 Robby Thompson

Cub in the wild: Rey Sanchez sliding into 2nd base. If the image was taken in 1990, then it is Domingo Ramos. -If a player stays with a team from the previous season, sometimes photos snapped during the previous season are used. As it is Thompson's card, UD wouldn't care if Ramos is still with the Cubs.

4. 1991 Topps #298 Omar Vizquel

Cub in the wild: Dave Clark coming into 2nd.

3. 1991 Topps #158 Jose Uribe

Cub in the wild: Ryne Sandberg sliding into 2nd.

2. 1998 Topps #294 Todd Hundley

Cub in the wild: Rey Sanchez playing 2nd base.

1. 2014 Topps #619 Chris Johnson

Cub in the wild: Dioner Navarro catching.


Feb. 14, 2017 - 9:39AM

Brick wall, Wrigley Field. That's a neat idea for a list. I would like to start a Baltimore Orioles themed one with the warehouse on Eutaw St. as part of the card. The warehouse was actually set to be demolished with the building of the new Orioles stadium, but was wisely kept as part of the ballpark's landscape.

Are there any Cubs cards with the famous ivy covered outfield wall? They would make for a neat addition too.

Feb. 14, 2017 - 9:47AM
Doe MG

That would be a fun theme to collect for the Orioles. I know I have a ton of fun searching all the cards as they come in. Yes, there are ivy cards, but I haven't found any in the wild.. -yet. :)

Feb. 23, 2017 - 9:35AM
Doe MG

I think I am going to have to split this list into two. The 1991 Topps set has many non-Cubs Wrigley shots. I'll post a link here after I create a new list. -Tentatively titled 'Welcome to Wrigley'.

Mar. 15, 2017 - 4:25PM

2004 Ultra Albert Pujols has him fielding a ball right at the ivy.  Pretty cool card

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