1998 SkyBox E-X2001

Destination Cooperstown


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  1   Alex Rodriguez   Seattle Mariners
  2   Frank Thomas   Chicago White Sox
  3   Cal Ripken Jr.   Baltimore Orioles
  4   Roger Clemens   Toronto Blue Jays
  5   Greg Maddux   Atlanta Braves
  6   Chipper Jones   Atlanta Braves
  7   Ken Griffey Jr.   Seattle Mariners
  8   Mark McGwire   St. Louis Cardinals
  9   Tony Gwynn   San Diego Padres
  10   Mike Piazza   Los Angeles Dodgers
  11   Jeff Bagwell   Houston Astros
  12   Jose Cruz Jr.   Toronto Blue Jays
  13   Derek Jeter   New York Yankees
  14   Hideo Nomo   Los Angeles Dodgers
  15   Ivan Rodriguez   Texas Rangers

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