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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Set: 1992-93 Stadium Club

Card: #73 Sedale Threatt

“ The first NBA Stadium Club set...after all these years I'm still a few away from completing it. Not this one, though, I have this card. The Lakers should have kept this jersey style...They wore it mostly unchanged from around 1964 to 1999...the only team to not wear white at home...this was a time where the Lakers were struggling, between Magic's retirement and Shaq/Kobe in 1996. The rookie card showing on the back is great, but because of the fact that Topps didn't do NBA since 1981-82, there are very few players who show a card other than the 1992-93 Topps flagship. Some cards actually show themselves. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Chest hair!!!! ” -Howintensive

“ Never cared for this design, especially the ridiculous "rookie cards" pictured on the back which are really just "first Topps cards" and not actually rookie cards for the vast majority of players. ” -bevans

“ Always liked on the back how they showed the players Topps rookie card. ” -carthage44

“ There is something about the early Stadium Club cards that I like even though they don't have the team logo and the player's name doesn't stand out like it should. Backs I like them showing the "rookie card" (that is the first Topps card of the player whether it's his true rookie card or not). Would like more complete stats on the back and less color on the back. ” -captkirk42

“ Good candid shot, but he looks disinterested. Or like they're just hanging out looking at the sites, chillin'. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Worst background ever ” -NJDevils

“ Classic Stadium club. Awesome photo and photo quality. This one has a little better stats on the back than most of the other issues. A very nice card. Only complaint, the name is a tad small. ” -muskie027

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