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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Set: 1999 Pacific Revolution - Foul Pole

Card: #13 Bernie Williams

“ I miss Pacific! ” -trauty

“ Man Pacific had some innovative card designs. Wish other companies nowadays (looking at you Topps) would think outside the box sometimes. ” -rmpaq5

“ Who else thinks Bernie should have received more HOF support? Even though the Yankees teams were otherwise loaded, I don't know if they win as many WS as they did without him. Don't like the Yankees but have never disliked Bernie. ” -Brimose

“ This would be cool if it was actually part of a foul pole but it's just a fabricated net. ” -carthage44

“ Bernie looks to be in a state of con-fusion on the back. ” -sahal694

“ Way too busy for me. The net just adds to the confusion. ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ I'm not sure what I'm seeing here...is this a net relic or just designed to look like a net? ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Another coincidence card? Comments open on Bernie's birthday! Nice. ” -dsorek

“ Neat, first card I've ever seen with its own air conditioner. ” -NJDevils

“ Well, 1999 was a really great year to be a collector, both Football, and Baseball card manufacturers started releasing these beautiful cards. Absolute and Pacific Revolution was two of my favorite Sports Card Issues and 1999 Pacific Revolution was a must have for any collector. I really miss those Pacific brands because they released some very rare cards. I still have one of the Rarest Michael Vick Re Cards ever made. The 2001 Vanguard #02/10! Now as for Berne Williams never was a big fan. just one of those I never got into. I did love this set and I have three of them, ” -The House Of Cards

“ This would have been better for hockey IMO. I don't think of nets when I think of a foul pole, I think of a metal screen. ” -rmitchell6700

“ Huh? What? Here's a thought, Pacific--save some us all some money and make this card 60% of the normal width. Or even better, give us photos that are 40% bigger than these are. ” -kents_stuff

“ It's cool, but a lot of wasted space. ” -muskie027

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