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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Set: 1958 Topps

Card: #69 Chicago Cardinals

“ Let me be one of the first, of no doubt many, who state they really miss team cards like this. ” -rmpaq5

“ Team cards are always great. Any sport. Any era. All great! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ There are few vintage cards that I'd be critical of, and really the design is okay for this one; it's just that team picture cards aren't my thing. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Neat to see the old team names that are generally iconic but for diffetent cities. "Cardinals" doesn't sound right without St Louis in front of it. ” -olerud363

“ Classic football, nice! Plus the classic scratch-off trivia on the back. ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ Love those vintage cards. ” -kirkscards

“ Team cards with a team photo no longer exist which stinks. ” -carthage44

“ Oh what a beautiful card!!! I remember scratching the back with nickel to see the answer. ” -NJDevils

“ Team Card! I wish they made them every year. ” -jayoneill

“ I don't do football, but I was always a fan of the team cards in any sport. This is a great card. ” -vrooomed

“ Neat team card. I love the logo. ” -RoyalChief

“ This is a really cool card. Love it love it love it. ” -muskie027

“ Funny how the vintage cards seem to always have a good look to them. I really like how the team was put into the football shaped oval. This is one of the football sets I'd love to own. ” -CollectingAfterDeath

“ Wow, I did not know the Cardinals history is rooted in Chicago. Cool. ” -Doe MG

“ This is such a great card. Never was a football fan, but a card like this could actually end up being loved in my collection. ” -YoRicha

“ I don't care what the team is, you have to love a classic team card like this one. ” -DanD

“ I have this card in my Personal Collection. I love vintage Topps cards. This 1958 Topps Football Card, depicts the Chicago Cardinals a team that would become The ST Luis Cardinals now known as The Arizona Cardinals. I love this piece for its vibrant colors and the trivia game on the card back ads to the collectibility of this 1958 Topps Football Set. Collectors look for vibrant card backs with clean white lettering. The mini-game was a coin rub game that would reveal the answer as a picture, and collectors look for very rare unscratched cards. Those unscratched cards have a premium price. This Chicago Cardinals Team card unscratched would fetch $45.00 to $100.00 raw (Raw meaning ungraded) and a graded copy showing a very good to mint I have seen sell as high as $240.00 ” -The House Of Cards

“ FABULOUS VINTAGE FOOTBALL!! I absolutely love this card, most likely due to the team logo. Growing up with the "Big Red" as my local team in St. Louis, I didn't have much to celebrate with them. But then again we didn't have Charlie Trippi running for us in the 70's like they did in '46. (LOL) Actually we had Jim Otis break the old record in the mid-70's, and then should-be-HOFer OJ Anderson broke that mark his rookie season. ” -kents_stuff

“ Team cards are pretty much a waste of a card, everyone is an indistinguishable little dot, which was not helped by the printing methods of the day. That said, I like the oval. ” -revnorb

“ Now that's a team card! ” -jasongerman9

“ Nice team card , I miss team cards. ” -uncaian

“ Pretty sweet card. ” -nubala

“ Vintage team card a real team card not a card with one or two "stars" on the front of a team leaders card. Wish they would make these again. Even when Topps does the Heritage cards now the "team cards" instead of having the team photo like this have just one or two guys in the modern way they do things. ” -captkirk42

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