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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Set: 2013 Choice Stockton Ports

Card: #29 Jimmy Escalante

“ Love that the pitching coach got his own card. I once saw a minor league card of the team's ticket sales manager! ” -olerud363

“ Cool shades! ” -carthage44

“ all that White, Blue and Red thought this was a Team USA card at first. The first words I saw though was "pitching coach" so I knew it was most likely a MiLB card. NIce all around card. No complaints. ” -captkirk42

“ An excellent card design, for presumably very low cost. Pitching coaches deserve more love. ” -dilemma19

“ Another very well-done MiLB card. I wish we had been making cards this nice back in 1988-1990. Of course, the Internet didn't exist back then, and getting information about players and coaches was VERY, VERY difficult, if the team didn't provide it for us. ” -vrooomed

“ i love seeing the obscure names of all the minor league teams, great clean design card though ” -Thunderfoot

“ I thought it was a racing card. ” -NJDevils

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