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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Set: 1988 Card Collectors Company Home Run Derby Reprints

Card: #18 Dick Stuart

“ On a day we have Chad Chop, we also get Dick Stuart. Have at it everybody, but keep it PG. ” -davidhandberry

“ Why would anyone bother to reprint such a boring, plain card? Maybe they only own a black & white printer? ” -C2Cigars

“ I didn't realize they had run these reprints when they re-aired Home Run Derby in the 80s. I would have been ALL OVER these if I had known. Those episodes are still fantastic all these years later and I wish they'd bring it back in a modern format. Thanks to this, I also learned that Dick Stuart hit 42 homers in 1963. The more you know. ” -crimnos2

“ Not a fan of reprints. ” -NJDevils

“ Nice vintage UGH correction I just noticed it said it is an 1988 REPRINT. UGH. Well at least it isn't a counterfeit. ” -captkirk42

“ I have some of the original television recordings of the Home Run Derby series on DVD that I purchased from Amazon. It's quite funny to watch them. You might see a player smoking a cigarette. The hitters swings are terrible compared to the models of efficiency we see from players now. How the heck these guys hit home runs, I'll never know. ” -bpaul14

“ This is just...boring. ” -YoRicha


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