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Reds Transactions by fedoratipper (Last updated on Jul 23, 2019)

Cards I have gotten signed TTM by StarrsCards (Last updated on Jul 22, 2019)

I will list any inscriptions below the card

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Kiss on My List by CollectingAfterDeath (Last updated on Jul 22, 2019)

When they insist on knowing my bliss
I tell them this
When they want to know what the reason is
I only smile when I lie, then I tell them why
---Hall & Oates, 1980---

Japanese MLB player Japanese/American rookie cards by Slug03 (Last updated on Jul 22, 2019)

All 59 Japanese MLB players rookie cards, from both America and Japan.

Many players have many, many rookies from the same year and other brands not listed here. My order of preference for choosing rookie cards were as follows:

Japanese rookies:
Year, BBM preferred (except for Murakami). Lowest card number chosen if BBM issued multiple cards of the player in the same set.
American rookies:
Topps base preferred, then bowman, then other major releases (Upper Deck, Donruss, Fleer/Fleer Tradition), then more minor sets released by the main companies (Topps Finest, Bowman's Best), and if no major releases exist for a player, then the earliest minor league card.

My Auto's and Relics by yankees234221 (Last updated on Jul 22, 2019)

Just a list of my current autographs and relics

Colored and Serial Numbered Cards by yankees234221 (Last updated on Jul 22, 2019)

A list of my current colored and serial numbered cards

2019 Major League Debuts by DarkSide830 (Last updated on Jul 22, 2019)

All debuts during the 2019 MLB season, listed by date.

Funniest Card Photos Ever Made by Alomar_Collector (Last updated on Jul 21, 2019)

A collection of the funniest sports trading card photos ever.. Suggestions of cards to add to this list are always welcomed.

Finn Balor by Tallimos (Last updated on Jul 21, 2019)

My entire Finn Balor card collection

1970-1995 Topps Rookies by Slug03 (Last updated on Jul 21, 2019)

All the key rookies from 1970-1995 Topps, plus a couple I added for personal reasons. This includes only Topps flagship/traded sets, and Bowman ONLY if no flagship/traded rookie exists from the same year for a player.

Red Sox team sets to complete by AnalogKid (Last updated on Jul 20, 2019)

Cup of Coffee by C2Cigars (Last updated on Jul 20, 2019)

A player with a "cup of coffee" is one who has played in only one game in the majors. These players got their Cup of Coffee and a MLB baseball card during their career.

Didn't Expect to See That ! by PapaG321 (Last updated on Jul 20, 2019)

Something just makes these cards slightly/or blatantly atypical.

Can I get your autograph... by PapaG321 (Last updated on Jul 20, 2019)

Cards that depict somebody getting something signed by someone.

2015 Topps Rainbow Foil by Lyrical Kees (Last updated on Jul 20, 2019)

I am attempting to put together this parallel set. These cards are what I already HAVE. Also includes the Updates set as well.

Funny Caption Contest Winners by PapaG321 (Last updated on Jul 20, 2019)

This list was created in order to facilitate an extraction of past winners of the Funny Caption Contest held weekly on TCDB.

Never played for... by vrooomed (Last updated on Jul 19, 2019)

These are baseball cards that show a player on a team that they never played for. If you know of any others, leave a comment, and I'll be happy to add them to the list. Enjoy!

Topps Now Rookie Card Collection by scrubeenie (Last updated on Jul 19, 2019)

Topps Now Project - Collect one rookie card for every player in the Topps Now collection

Brazilian Baseball Players by DarkSide830 (Last updated on Jul 19, 2019)

A list of baseball players born in Brazil.

Hugs Not Ughs! by Gunny (Last updated on Jul 19, 2019)

A list inspired by them other great lists like that autograph one by PapaG321 or the Bubble-heads by C2Cigars.

After all who don't like hugs? As a wise person once said, "When in doubt, hug it out." I think it might have been Socrates or maybe Albert Einstein or maybe Howie Mandel, anyways it don't matter in the end.

If you want to add a description just add it in your comment. One word descriptions only, thems the rules partners.

Excuse Me, Could I Have a Word? by Gunny (Last updated on Jul 19, 2019)

Cards showing people getting microphones shoved at them or sitting and having a presser.

I think it will be fun to see how many of them media outlets are still around.

What's not allowed are cards with people singing into microphones or giving some kind of performance. Once again, leave a comment or drop a PM if you find one that fits, alright thems the rules buckaroos!

5 or less to finish by Shaw Racing (Last updated on Jul 18, 2019)

I have seen these on other members page so I thought I'd make my own.

Oh Canada by Rosenort (Last updated on Jul 17, 2019)

vrooomed's Most Wanted Phillies cards by vrooomed (Last updated on Jul 16, 2019)

As a collector of Phillies cards, I enjoy a collection starting with some 1951 Bowman to present day. I decided to go after all Topps cards during that time frame, as well as the Bowman cards up to 1955. This list is starting with the 2 I'm missing from the 1960s that is keeping me from being complete from 1955 to present day and I'm adding to the list going from 1954 back.

My Eli Manning SN1 of's by tonym (Last updated on Jul 16, 2019)

Eli's SN #'d cards that are "SN 1 of 1" or "SN 1 of "xxx". This is the first card of the issue. As you can see, I'm a #1 hog.
(There are a couple of last cards in here, i later decided not to enter them, i need to remove the one's added)

MY FAVORITE T.V. SHOWS & MOVIES ON CARDS by knighthawk40 (Last updated on Jul 16, 2019)

Challenging Sets to Build. by knighthawk40 (Last updated on Jul 16, 2019)

Sets i believe that would be a challenge to amass for one reason or another. Other words gather cards not buy them in a set.

New Bubble-heads by C2Cigars (Last updated on Jul 16, 2019)

Recent additions to my Bubble-heads list.

Bubble-heads by C2Cigars (Last updated on Jul 16, 2019)

Cards showing someone blowing a gum bubble. I really don't care for the staged photos, but I have them listed. Go to New Bubble-heads to see just the recent additions.

Current record: Jeff Cirillo with 9 cards
Second: Chipper Jones with 8
Third: Frank Thomas and Will Clark with 6

I get the crappy autographs by Jgamble (Last updated on Jul 16, 2019)

Not to complain, ink is always sweet. Here's what became of the Scrub Squad who's signatures I've collected.

Players I collect by Jd_sports (Last updated on Jul 14, 2019)

Some players that I am trying to put together big collections of. If anyone has a lot of these players that they are trying to trade, PM me.

TBA/TBD Sets by vrooomed (Last updated on Jul 14, 2019)

These are the sets here at TCDB that are missing names for at least one card. I'll try to keep a running total in the comment for each set. along with the percentage of the set that is TBD Maybe you're familiar with a set listed here and can help? Please PM me with any set additions or updates to the numbers. Please note: There may not be any particular order to the list.

My Christian Pulisic 1/1s by dcdeacon (Last updated on Jul 14, 2019)

The Pulisic 1 of 1s I've managed to collect so far, including a couple printing plates

Wyatt's first pack 7/5/2019. by bigblue88 (Last updated on Jul 13, 2019)

3.5 year old son's first pack

Target, Valencia, CA

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Red Sox Game-Used by Lyrical Kees (Last updated on Jul 12, 2019)

My personal collection of ALL Game-Used Cards, just wish MORE had pics :(.

Topps Living Best Sellers by EbeSPN (Last updated on Jul 12, 2019)

The tops selling Topps Living Cards, the line seems to be losing momentum, but I hope to see it continue. I was surprised that none of the Bryce Harper cards made it or Griffey Jr. Pete Alonso also seemed low compared to other top rookies.

Player Goals For 2018-2019 by AnalogKid (Last updated on Jul 11, 2019)

Previously known as "Monthly Player Goals For 2018-2019". Mostly retired players but a few that are towards the end of their careers. (Apologies to anyone that I haven't thanked. I don't always remember to update the list.)

Top Braves want list cards by JnGCards (Last updated on Jul 11, 2019)

JnGCard's current Braves want list

Random Card of the Day Coincidences by Admin (Last updated on Jul 11, 2019)

The Random Card of the Day is completely random and chosen by a randomization program. This list highlights some of the times where the random selection coincided with current events.

My completed Insert sets by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Jul 10, 2019)

I'm a base card guy. Always have been, always will be. But I will collect literally anything. Inserts have been a staple in the hobby for many years but I've never figured out how many I have completed over the years...until now.

WARNING: THE LIST CONTAINS FULL FRONTAL NUDITY so if you have your filter set to show mature, it will...

My Completed Sets by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Jul 10, 2019)

I'm a set builder, I always have been, and always will be. I completed my first set in 1990 and as of this writing, April 2nd, 2013, I've completed 116 sets. My criteria for inclusion on this list: Pack based release, even if I bought a factory set, qualifies. Factory set only issues qualify at 100 or more cards. Team sets, inserts, promos, do not.
Since I am OCD, I also have kept track of when I completed many of the sets. If I know the exact date, I will include it in the caption. I also had the idea, circa 2004, to record the last card I needed to complete the set, if I wrote it down, that is the card I will use for this album.

BucCollector's Pirates Autographs 1970 - 1979 by BucCollector (Last updated on Jul 10, 2019)

Chasing down an autographed card from every Pittsburgh Pirate of the 1970s. This is the collection I am most actively working on right now (and having the most fun with). Currently at 54% (86 of 160) with another 26 not on cards.

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Red Sox All Stars by Kep75 (Last updated on Jul 10, 2019)

A listing of Boston's All Star players

Updated 07/10/19 - J.D. Martinez became starter at DH.

Memorable Cards I've Pulled by ketchupman36 (Last updated on Jul 9, 2019)

Highlighting some of my favorite cards I've personally pulled from retail or hobby packs. Ranging from autographs to memorabilia to low numbered cards, each card has special place in my collection.

No cards purchased on the secondary market allowed!

"I'm about ready to throw the towel in..." by PapaG321 (Last updated on Jul 9, 2019)

Self explanatory...

My Great Uncle Jim Hughes in cards by hawkking (Last updated on Jul 8, 2019)

This was my Great Uncle Jim Hughes. Born on the Southside of Chicago. Pitched for the Sox, Cubs and Dodgers. Went on to be an amazing Chicago Firefighter and retired from there. Used to love to hear his stories of the golden age of baseball. He was quite a guy.

One and Done by Kaline6 (Last updated on Jul 8, 2019)

Single cards needed to complete an insert set.

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PC - The University of Alabama - Football by mrbama97 (Last updated on Jul 8, 2019)

My personal collection of football players that played or coached for The University of Alabama.

The 100 Card Club by AnalogKid (Last updated on Jul 7, 2019)

Players I have 100 or more cards of (It's a short list). These are unique cards. Doubles and multi-player cards aren't counted.

TTM/IP/Other Autographed Cards by Tylergallo (Last updated on Jul 7, 2019)

Any cards that I have that are signed that are not that way originally. I will try to recount how I got them.


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