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***Adding large lot of low-to-mid grade vintage***

***Astros Major Release Wants done through 2019***


  1. Economy Mailing (highly recommended for you to do, too!)
    • 20-card minimum, anything less will be countered or declined
    • 4x9 to 9x12 envelopes for up to 180 cards (U.S. & international)
    • Larger numbers will vary depending on size and most economical; i.e. bubble mailer, flat rate priority, or flat rate regional boxes (usually cheaper than regular flat rate)
  2. Vintage (pre-80s) for modern ratio
    • Non-HOFer (most of what I have) 1:5
    • HOFer 1:7
    • HOFer RC 1:? (varies depending on agreed upon value of RC)
    • Maximum of 1 vintage card in any deal for modern cards
  3. Undersized cards preferably part of 100+ deals only, includes:
    1. Any mini versions of regular trading cards
    2. Any small stickers or sticker backs
    3. Kelloggs cards excluded from this stipulation


  1. The art of the deal - I'm thoroughly okay with countering if necessary to complete a trade;
  2. Communication is key - whether on condition of cards, delay in mailing, or any significant matter important to the deal
  3. Satisfaction of both parties - I'm a collector who's interested in the hobby as a diversion to life, if your interests are different we can probably still trade regardless
  4. Sell cheap - I'll sell whatever's on my Trade/Sale list for less than you'd pay any online card shop, but you'll pay for shipping and I'll use whatever manner you desire for that





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