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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Set: 2009 Panini Doctor Who Alien Armies (Rate)

Card: #107 Old Doctor

“ Looks like he belongs in Pizza the Hutt's posse. ” -mkaz80

“ Two fandoms that I never got into, mixed into one. Never could get into Doctor Who, even though I have tried several episodes and different seasons. Never could get into game cards, such as Magic or Pokemon, either. ” -davidhandberry

“ Ah the Doctor Who "Topps Attacks" type CCG. As big of a Doctor Who fan that I am, I am not into this style of gaming card. This TCG is one of those that is way too big for me to even begin to think of collecting or figuring out. ” -captkirk42

“ For a moment, I thought it was a soccer card. ” -NJDevils

“ Johnny Knoxville in Bad Grandpa! ” -wjhipwell

“ Now I'm gonna have nightmares. Thanks, TCDB. ” -royals

“ I did not know that these existed. ” -kents_stuff

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Set: 2004 Topps - Black (Rate)

Card: #360 Larry Fitzgerald

“ Cool! RC insert and #150/150...sweet! I'd love to have one of the other 149 out there! ” -bkklaos

“ Great front scan...shows the foil well, which usually shows up black in scans. Too bad nobody came out to watch whenever this photo was taken, ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I always liked the silhouette of the photograph in the corners of both the baseball and football set. Fitzgerald is one of the best receivers in the business, great guy. ” -702tpr777

“ I like regular 2004 Topps not sure how I feel about the black variant. ” -captkirk42

“ If you can get past all the foil, this is a really great design. Speaking of great...a rookie of the GREAT Larry Fitz! ” -mkaz80

“ I like it a lot. It would be a cool base set. The football WR in the bottom right is cool too. The back is nice as well. Oh, and to top it off, it is of a legend! ” -muskie027

“ This is a nice looking card in my opinion. Decent action shot, even if it is from a practice session. I am guessing the black border is hard to maintain, though. ” -kents_stuff

“ back when pulling a parralell was a hard, fitzgerald is awesome though ” -Thunderfoot

“ I like the design. ” -cjjt

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Set: 2018 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Collegiate - Collegiate Connections (Rate)

Card: #11 Deon Cain / Deshaun Watson

“ I am confused by this set. They played on the same college team a few years ago. That seems to be the connection. I would think that there would be players on the same pro team that played on the same college team or two players in the same draft from the same college. The only thing that connects them is that they both played a season together in college. This might be the flimsiest excuse for a subset I have ever seen. ” -davidhandberry

“ I like college connection type of cards. Hate the back in this instance. ” -cjjt

“ Panini--save yourself some cash and only print one side if this is your image of a trading card. ” -kents_stuff

“ Not a huge college football fan. Contenders is usually a good brand. I don't like the all college versions. These Connections cards are pretty good. It helps when it is of a college you enjoy or better yet the Pro team the guys ended up on if they made it to the pros. ” -captkirk42

“ Pretty cool insert. Not sure why it is a 2018 card though since Watson was out of college a year earlier. ” -muskie027

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Set: 2013 Press Pass Fanfare - Aqua (Rate)

Card: #FF-KB Kenjon Barner

“ Cool Auto. This guy was fun to watch in college. ” -muskie027

“ Is the signature anything more than the first letter of his first name? ” -jayoneill

“ Same photo on both sides is a real negative in my book. Same layout on both sides is doubly so. (no pun intended originally, but I'm not going back and fixing it) ” -kents_stuff

“ Not a fan of Press Pass but this is a good auto card. Would prefer either no photo on back or a different photo on back. Can't tell the front of the card from the back. The back looks more colorful could it be that the auto is on the back? Hehehe. ” -captkirk42

“ Same picture front and back. Useless parallel. Blah. ” -cjjt

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Set: 2002 Topps (Rate)

Card: #577 Doug Glanville

“ Probably my least favorite set of the 2000’s. ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ The color of the border isn't my favorite but just happy that for a few years Topps tried another color. Besides the border color I love this set. The only thing on the front I would add the player's position and the back is almost perfect. I would give the front a 8 and the back a 9. 2 points off the front for no position and the color, and 1 point off the back for the color. ” -davidhandberry

“ 2002 was in the middle of my hobby hiatus (as it was for many other collectors of certain ages) When I got back into the hobby early to mid 2004 I considered 2002 to be a typical overproduced bleck set that for some reason I hated. But the completest collector in me told me I needed to look for it. Right now I have no idea how many cards from this set I need, just as most other flagship sets I haven't fully cataloged my "haves" from this set. I know it is very few. If I didn't want to collect this set I would have no interest in this particular card. ” -captkirk42

“ topps really went through a dry spell with graphic design. ” -parsley24

“ Is this Jerry’s brother? Sorry, couldn’t resist. I hope in 2019 Topps breaks the streak and goes with a border in the base set. It’s just a nice look and a nice change of pace after 3 borderless years. ” -muskie027

“ like the design, not a big fan of the orange color, but nice clean design, almost looks like a topps design from the 80's ” -Thunderfoot

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Set: 2000 Upper Deck Victory (Rate)

Card: #326 Chuck Knoblauch

“ My favorite thing about this Victory design was that it gave the franchise leaders in major statistical categories on the backs of the cards. Disappointed to see they are not there on the baseball version. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ This is not a good card, and I LOVE the Yankees. ” -muskie027

“ I had completely forgotten about this set. I remember liking them when they came out but seeing it now I don't remember why I liked them so much. Pros: Nice action shot, the blur around the edge, they didn't cut off any body parts in the picture. Cons: the awful looking close up picture in the corner, the plain white border. I could turn this card from a 3 to a 8 with one easy fix. Put the team logo on front where the small picture is and put a headshot on the back where the team logo is. ” -davidhandberry

“ There is always that one kid who is afraid of the ball and jumps to catch the ball. Other than that, the card is not very appealing. ” -parsley24

“ Back when a "blaster" contained more than 72 cards, I bought a blaster of Victory '00. Fun set with some neat photography. I've always been fond of this card in particular. ” -mkaz80

“ Yesterday we had a good Hockey Victory card today we have a BAD (bad as in "bad" not bad as "good") Baseball Victory card. I have never liked the design for this set, plus it was difficult to identify some blue variants/parallels of this set. What the? I didn't find any listings for parallel sets and there appears to only be one insert set for this. Maybe I'm thinking of some other very very similar looking set that has unlabeled blue parallels. The full stats on the back is cool. That is about it. ” -captkirk42

“ Great! Card knoblauhch small in staure seemed to get the job done reminded me of a walk on in footbal wasnt great in any area just a solid player ” -Dan4867merritt

“ Looks like this card has the Yips. ” -royals

“ I'm going to be honest--it looks like maybe he's scared of the ball here. Don't care for losing 1/3 of the front of the card, either. ” -kents_stuff

“ liked him better when he played for minnesota ” -Thunderfoot

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Set: 1994 Maxx Premier Plus (Rate)

Card: #166 Dale Jarrett

“ Seems like Dale won a big trophy here, so not sure why he looks green with envy. ” -kents_stuff

“ This image is taken from victory lane in the first race I ever saw! I was hooked for life already by this point. Unfortunately like most of the early Chrome style cards the people are turning green. Maxx actually created the "Topps Chrome" concept in 1993, three years before Topps did. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Why is his face green? ” -Young Kilo

“ This card looks pretty cool, but would have liked and identifier on the front, like a name or something. ” -muskie027

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Set: 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen - Relics (Rate)

Card: #GQR-NC Nelson Cruz

“ I'm sure more people will complain about this than like it, but I won't be one of them. I still get a thrill when I pull a jersey card. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ This is one of my favorite Relic cards I have seen. A rare action shot on a relic card. I don't care for the swatch covering his legs and the border takes up most of the card but still better than most relic cards. The back is blah but that is most relic cards. ” -davidhandberry

“ Even though it would appear to have issues, I really like the look of this card. ” -muskie027

“ Nice GQ card. Although the color scheme for this year is a bit dull. Plus the gray relic blends in with the card so much I wonder how many people don't realize it is a relic card. ” -captkirk42

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Set: 2009-10 Upper Deck Victory (Rate)

Card: #120 Scott Clemmensen

“ Extremely boring front. Way too much white border. The Victory logo is huge, it should have been a team logo there and Victory or Upper Deck logo smaller in one of the massive amounts of white. I hate when pictures are so cropped that it cuts off legs, arms. The front is awful. The back on the other hand is not bad, besides being too much white. I would give the front a 3 and the back a 6. ” -davidhandberry

“ Kind of a lackluster design, but I can't complain about a semi-local NHL team showing up as card of the day! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Needs more blank white space. Otherwise, pretty good! ” -mkaz80

“ Pretty nice Hockey card Team logo would be nice, Victory set name needs to be smaller. Otherwise pretty nice design. I usually like these Victory cards this one looks plain for some reason. Maybe it is just the team? ” -captkirk42

“ How bad were all the other photos that this was the one that was chosen? ” -wjhipwell

“ Backup goalies (and quarterbacks) rock! Always the best player on the roster when things are not going well for the team, and arguably the most valuable non-starter when things are going well. ” -kents_stuff

“ A very boring card. I do like the red background to match the team color though. ” -muskie027

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Set: 2017 Topps Pro Debut (Rate)

Card: #125 Jen-Ho Tseng

“ They need to change these from the main set. I hate that Topps has Debut, Opening Day, all of these side sets as well as parallels and all of them look basically the same. It's a good design but then they saturate it so much that it loses it's appeal. ” -davidhandberry

“ The 2017 Topps design really highlights why Topps needs borders ” -ketchupman36

“ Love these sets when they use the promo jersey pics. ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ I really liked the 2017 pro debut set. Probably my favorite product of the year and I’m a fan of the flagship design that they incorporate these minor leaguers on. I do like how in the pro debut sets the players photo is glossier and a bit more prominent than the background. ” -Li_baseballcards

“ Cool seeing the 2017 Topps design on minor leaguers. ” -muskie027

“ I really wish Topps would do something different with the Pro Debut cards. Maybe make them an insert set (and limit the number of cards in the set) of flagship since they use the flagship design now. I wish they wouldn't but they do ” -captkirk42

“ This is a nice card design. I haven't seen it before. The uniform mix of victory blue tops and blah grey pants is not working for me, though. ” -kents_stuff

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