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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Set: 2005 Donruss Classics

Card: #142 Carlos Beltran

“ The 2005 set looks nice, but by this time all the Classics cards started to blend together. The design changed so little from one year to the next that they just weren't interesting anymore. Even the backs didn't change much. If Donruss had added more stats or a photo, then the set would have stood out from the previous releases. Then it might have survived longer. ” -spazmatastic

“ This is the grayest card I've ever seen. Gray is a nice color but that is a lot of it! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Sooooooooo much wasted space ” -aussiewayne

“ Very grey but I don't know why it kinda fits on this card. It's a classy type look. Reading the back I had forgotten that Beltran was a base stealer. After writing that sentence I went and looked. There is good reason I had forgotten, he had between 31 to 42 steals for 4 years straight years then never got over 23 steals in any other year after his 42 stolen base year. ” -davidhandberry

“ Love Beltran, but I'm not liking this card. Might be a while before I add it to my wantlist. ” -jupiterhill

“ Boring! ” -rmpaq5

“ Good looking card. Great frame. ” -parsley24

“ Big Beltran fan here, due to his 2 years in STL. But I also remember him as the last out for the Mets in the 2006 NLCS that sent the Cardinals to the World Series. And of course as a Cardinal killer in Houston. ” -switzr1

“ Carlos Beltran is a solid household name player... agree or disagree? What I don't understand about baseball in terms of card collecting is why popularity doesn't incorporate itself in to value or demand. This donruss classics year are nice, sharp looking cards. This player is a solid player during one of his most solid baseball production years. Ask just about any baseball fan and they will know whom Carlos Beltran was...? Frankly, it's these dumb card companies during this time period who finally started putting quality materials and methods in to sports cards but still couldn't understand (probably due to greed) that people don't widely collect all cards, all brands, and all players just for fun. Thank god they are starting to come around and understand that. (ie... Victor Robles... put out a very limited number of auto rookies and variation rookies so the victor robles fans can bet on/invest in the player they like... don't dump 7000 cards in to the market. ” -tborowi

“ Love the original Donruss Classics (not to be confused with the Classics Game cards from late 1980s which I do not like) ” -captkirk42

“ One of the best Mets position players of all time. It's a shame his Mets achievements are always overlooked because of the K. ” -Tylergallo


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