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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Set: 2005 Bowman Heritage - Mini

Card: #134 Gustavo Chacin

“ Wow, haven't thought of him in years . . . He was pretty good for the few years he was with Toronto . . . He then bounced around to four or five times until his career ended quietly . . . The card is OK, but the picture on the front makes me "uncomfortable" . . . Probably the angle of the shot . . . It seems it would have been better if it was a full front-shot or profile, but it seems to be in-between the two . . . The back is OK for what it is, but it's limited by the original style of the card set . . . By today's standards, it seems rather lame . . . I originally had not known he suffered from alopecia areata, but that explains a lot about his distinctive look . . . ” -georgecf

“ That is a memorable name that I don't remember. ” -cckeith

“ Beautiful card....we need more like this. ” -beansballcardblog

“ Nothing to write home about. Card has a cloudy look to it. ” -Phil

“ Okay action shot, quite plain though. Then of course, that is probabaly the point of bowman heritage ” -dollar guy

“ Mini cards. Ugh. How to store? How to display? So many issues. ” -CardFlipper1974

“ Chacin had a great rookie season, but didn't like up to the potential he showed. I do remember him looking really cool on the mound with his shades on. ” -DanD

“ Terrible choice as to where to put the name, but good picture use ” -BasketbalHQ


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