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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Year: 2012-13

Set: Cardset Finland - Signature (Rate)

Card: #NNO Teemu Ramstedt

“ Cool! I wish they televised games from other leagues around the world here in the US. I'd watch them. At least we do get the Champion's League. I want more though. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Since the text is in Finnish I will reserve my comments to the photo and design. Black and white is a negative with this card. Same photo on back also a negative. I can see why the set was made the way it was for the on card auto, but I'm sure we can all admit we have see much better with this concept. ” -rmpaq5

“ He looks like a sick juror. ” -revnorb

“ The serial number on the back is written on, always interesting. ” -carthage44

“ Nothing good about this card. Black and white photo is blah. Half the card is taken up by whiteness. They couldn't make it so his autograph wasn't over his name but the name of the insert is huge, like we couldn't have figured out it was a signature without it. The back is in a different language but it is obviously not stats. Luckily I don't collect hockey so I don't have to worry about ever getting one of these. ” -davidhandberry

“ Overall I like this card, lots of room for the signature which works for me. ” -Gunny

“ Very cool card. I like seeing the cards from other countries. ” -parsley24

“ Cool for a signature card ! ” -uncaian

“ Nice auto card. can't tell but looks to be a large sticker :( Like the design, don't like that the back has the congratulations you have just received an autographed card. ” -captkirk42

“ Onnittelut! This is one of the best random cards of the day I've seen in quite some time. I recognize only 4 names from the checklist, yet I'd love to own this set. ” -dilemma19

“ This is the coolest card I've ever seen. (I decided on that comment before I clicked the card) ” -switzr1

“ Yes. Nice to see finnish card as RCOTD. Is this perhaps the first time that finnish player signature card is RCOTD? He is actually quite good player and he is more famous than just an average league player. He won some trophy in finnish sports gala for fighting against disease (ulcerative colitis). And by the way, that team doesn't exist anymore. It was Blues Espoo and it went bankrupt. ” -Duke

“ He has the same look on his face as I do now looking at this card. ” -NJDevils

“ He looks cold. ” -RoundtheDiamond87

“ Finnish! Love it. Good picture and okay front -- I'm okay with the white space for an autograph. The back sucks. ” -cjjt

“ Is this the start of an autograph run on RCOTD? I loved this from the perspective that it is a foreign set and an auto. I never really get to see what the foreign sets offer in the auto department. The serial numbering is interesting too. The card is overall ok at best, but I loved seeing it more than some cards that look better. ” -muskie027

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Yay, RCOTD lottery hits our freezing Finland! Second time I´ve seen Cardset or Sisu represented. Yes, Cardset has used sticker autos for a good 10 years now, 2004-05 autograph set was cool as it had hardsign autos and number of cards was 15-20 per team, nowadays only 5. In general, Cardset is pretty good series but some annoying mistakes and horrible amount of duplicates per box spoils otherwise good product year after year. Too bad we have no competition in hockey cards of Finnish Liiga so no real pressure to improve the set.

I have a long term / no timetable project to scan both Sisu and Cardset here, stay tuned but don´t hold breath :)

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