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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Year: 1989

Set: Best Riverside Red Wave (Rate)

Card: #28 Jim Daniel

“ If Will Ferrell ever stars in a movie about a minor league baseball trainer, he will portray Jim Daniel. ” -switzr1

“ Even the trainer gets a card! I think that is actually pretty neat ” -702tpr777

“ Cards like this are great. There is more to sports than just the superstar players, and they deserve to be documented on cards as well! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I had no clue who the Riverside Red Wave are/were. After some investigation I find they are now the High Desert Mavericks, never heard of them either. I will say that jacket that he is wearing is just covered in awesome. ” -Gunny

“ I like these sets. I know they are pretty boring, but the nostalgia gets to me. I like how the trainer and coaches get a card. I at first thought this would be a Cincinnati Reds or Boston Red Sox minor league team but turns out the Red Wave were actually a San Diego Padres minor league team. ” -davidhandberry

“ Ron Burgundy???? ” -tbshaw

“ Why aren't there anymore trainer cards? ” -carthage44

“ hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *Breathes* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ” -parsley24

“ I love how the minor leagues include EVERYONE on the team ! Can't wait to see the hot dog vendors card. ” -uncaian

“ Even the trainers need some love. ” -RoyalChief

“ as always love minor league logos, i like the overall design but it just needs something to give it some pop ” -Thunderfoot

“ Why do the Minor League Cards have a trainer card and the major leagues do not? ” -kirkscards

“ This guy would have two first names. ” -sahal694

“ Nice Minor League Card. A trainer card. Looks like the stadium was getting ready for opening day or a special game like a 4th of July game with the red/white/blue bunting. I wonder if any Minor League card collectors PC trainers? ” -captkirk42

“ In 1989, this dinky company found it within themselves to produce a card of a minor league ball club's trainer that has a color photo on the back -- a different photo than the one on the front, even. Yet, in 2018, we somehow have mega-million dollar sports card manufacturers who struggle--or refuse--to make a similar effort. Go figure. ” -mkaz80

“ MiLB trainer. Kinda has that 1982 Topps feel to it. ” -vrooomed

“ He looks like a gym teacher posing for yearbook staff photos ” -biggiofn7

“ Only in the minors! ” -NJDevils

“ Trainer card! Awesome! I'm also loving the classic 80s design graphics. Most impressive to me, for a minor league set of this time frame, is the colour photo on back. Well Done! ” -rmpaq5

“ Trainer cards are the bane of my collecting existence. If one of them falls within the purview of my defined objectives for my collection, I feel like I have no choice but to take them on ... even though it's pointless and I don't want them. ” -NYMHall

“ Rare trainer card... i like it ” -Bargunmaster

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BIG LOL to those Will Ferrell comments. 


Everything is for trade or sell.  I am looking for Chiefs, Royals, Arkansas Razorbacks,Wrestling, and Bowling cards.  PM me and we can talk!

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