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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Year: 2017

Set: Donruss - Press Proof Gold (Rate)

Card: #11 Steve Smith Sr.

“ The front is a 10 the back I don't know what it is about it but too boring so an 8. Usually would average out to a 9 but the fact that it is a parallel and numbered set that is way too few drops it down to a 7 in my book. ” -davidhandberry

“ Nice looking card. Panini sets seem to blend and look too much alike. I do love how panini labels the parallels on the back. Much easier for collectors ” -parsley24

“ It's fine. Nice action shot of a very good player. I've become more tolerant of color parallels, when they're serial numbered to make them different. So I like this card. ” -switzr1

“ Cool gold parallel. Sheesh how many parallels and inserts does 2017 Donruss have anyway? Way TOO MANY. 90 Insert sets and 13 parallel sets? Master Set Builders = Millionaires. Just Sayin' ” -captkirk42

“ Montreal should've never traded him.. Shame. ” -marty

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I'm in agreement with captkirk42.... An alright card but I too would likely need to add another room on to the house to merely hold all the cards in the 2017 Donruss sets offered not to mention the cost of aquiring them. Sheesh!


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