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Friday, November 9, 2018

Year: 1996

Set: Score (Rate)

Card: #171 Andy Van Slyke

“ Wow, nice design from one of the years I was away from the hobby. ” -muskie027

“ Please tell me that's a bad scan.... ” -Splinter_9

“ Is this card from the Meh Parallel? When the less is more adage reverses and the less is less. ” -parsley24

“ I blinked and missed his time with the Phillies. Not one of Score better efforts, but not terrible either. ” -vrooomed

“ I don't recall him playing for the Phillies. I like the clean, white border. It's an upgrade from the 1995 release. I got Van Slyke's autograph at the Nationals a few years back. Nice guy. ” -weight333

“ Honestly never knew Van Slyke ever played for the Phillies. Another solid offering by Score. I think they reworked the back design to minimize the space available for the bio, so they wouldn't have to write as much. ” -DaClyde

“ Nice design. Cool batting pic. Not bad. Back looks good. ” -captkirk42

“ Scott and Andy Van Slyke are cool, but I hate Score designs. The back is fine. Scan not up to par, however. ” -Kirbythedodger

“ Pretty Classic design. Nice action shot. Easy to read. Nothing special, but nothing really bad. ” -kirkscards

“ I've always liked this design. Wish card backs would look this good today. ” -rmpaq5

“ Now this, I don't remember. Zero recollection of him on the Phillies. Good looking set. Maybe I should pursue this card someday. ” -switzr1

“ I remember getting these back when i collected everything, i would've been about 3rd grade, always liked score cause you got the most cards for your money. great clean looking design as well ” -Thunderfoot

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