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Monday, February 4, 2019

Year: 1993-94

Set: Stadium Club (Rate)

Card: #133 Sedale Threatt

“ Any criminals in the background? ” -MetsTeamSetsJVT

“ I do not remember this card. This was around the height of my basketball collecting, but doesn't look familiar at all. ” -switzr1

“ This is one of those sets that seems to be ever present in my subconsciousness, even though I had not yet discovered the NBA when it came out. It's not my favorite Stadium Club set, (That is the 1996-97 set) but I probably have more memories of this set than any other. And isn't that really why we collect- for memories? The Lakers went back to this design for this season, albeit slightly modified. Much nicer than the borderless design they wore from 2000-01 to 2017-18 in my opinion. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ This was one of the last sets I remember collecting in basketball, about this time I decided to focus entirely on baseball. I don't remember this card though and don't remember Sedale or his Superman pose. ” -davidhandberry

“ Nice to see a Stadium Club card pop up. Love the full action shot on the front. The back could have been better. From the font on the front to the purple text on the back, this card screams early to mid '90s. After seeing this I have Tag Team stuck in my head for reason. ” -AirPete

“ This is a nice action shot. ” -kirkscards

“ I usually like Stadium Club. This though, lets just say it is definitely from the 1990s. ” -captkirk42

“ Front: Nice action shot. I'm not a fan of how the player name doesn't stand out from the photo and the unneeded squiggles by the name. The back is better than the front. Only complaint is the change in font under the buzz. It isn't needed and just distracts from the information. ” -BSwagger

“ I can't really read the name on the card, which makes it kind of lame in my opinion. The photography is great, but the id part could have used some help. ” -Soldan

“ Would have been better in a sonics jersey. Great photo though, graphics could use some work. ” -parsley24

“ He's a threatt, all right. ” -Kirbythedodger

“ Cool pic I would expect from early Stadium Club. The back I could leave, which I would expect from early Stadium Club. I hate the name font, which I would expect from mid-90's card. It is ok, but could have been great! ” -muskie027

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