1991 Pacific Senior League


  1a   Dan Driessen VAR   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  1b   Dan Driessen VAR   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  2   Marty Castillo   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  3   Jerry White   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  4   Bud Anderson   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  5   Ron Jackson   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  6   Fred Stanley CO   Sun City Rays
  7   Steve Luebber   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  8   Jerry Terrell CO   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  9   Pat Dobson   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  10   Ken Kravec   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  11   Gil Rondon   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  12   Dyar Miller CO   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  13   Bob Molinaro   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  14   Jerry Martin   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  15   Rick Waits   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  16   Steve McCatty   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  17   Roger Slagle   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  18   Mike Ramsey   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  19   Rich Gale   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  20   Larry Harlow   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  21   Dan Rohn   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  22   Don Cooper   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  23   Marv Foley   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  24a   Rafael Landestoy VAR   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  24b   Rafael Landestoy VAR   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  25   Eddie Milner   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  26a   Amos Otis VAR   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  26b   Amos Otis VAR   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  27   Odell Jones   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  28   Tippy Martinez   Daytona Beach Explorers
  29   Stu Cliburn   Daytona Beach Explorers
  30   Stan Cliburn   Daytona Beach Explorers
  31   Tony Cloninger CO   Daytona Beach Explorers
  32   Jeff Jones   Daytona Beach Explorers
  33   Ken Reitz   Daytona Beach Explorers
  34   Dave Sax   Daytona Beach Explorers
  35   Orlando Gonzalez   Daytona Beach Explorers
  36   Jose Cruz   Daytona Beach Explorers
  37   Mickey Mahler   Daytona Beach Explorers
  38   Derek Botelho   Daytona Beach Explorers
  39   Rick Lysander   Daytona Beach Explorers
  40a   Cesar Cedeno VAR   Daytona Beach Explorers
  40b   Cesar Cedeno VAR   Daytona Beach Explorers
  41   Garth Iorg   Daytona Beach Explorers
  42   Wayne Krenchicki   Daytona Beach Explorers
  43   Clete Boyer CO   Daytona Beach Explorers
  44   Dan Boone   Daytona Beach Explorers
  45   George Vukovich   Daytona Beach Explorers
  46   Omar Moreno   Daytona Beach Explorers
  47   Ron Washington   Daytona Beach Explorers
  48   Ron Washington MVP   Daytona Beach Explorers
  49   Rick Peterson   Daytona Beach Explorers
  50   Tack Wilson   Daytona Beach Explorers
  51   Stan Cliburn / Stu Cliburn   Daytona Beach Explorers
  52   Rick Lysander POY   Daytona Beach Explorers
  53   Cesar Cedeno / Pete LaCock   Daytona Beach Explorers
  54   Marshall & Boyer MGR   Sun City Rays / Daytona Beach Explorers
  55   Doug Simunic   Florida Tropics
  56   Pat Kelly   Florida Tropics
  57   Roy Branch   Florida Tropics
  58   Dave Cash   Florida Tropics
  59   Bobby Jones   Florida Tropics
  60   Hector Cruz   Florida Tropics
  61   Reggie Cleveland   Florida Tropics
  62   Gary Lance   Florida Tropics
  63   Ron LeFlore   Florida Tropics
  63b   Ron LeFlore VAR   Florida Tropics
  64a   Dan Norman VAR   Florida Tropics
  64b   Dan Norman VAR   Florida Tropics
  65   Renie Martin   Florida Tropics
  66   Pete Mackanin MGR   Florida Tropics
  67   Frank Riccelli   Florida Tropics
  68   Alfie Rondon   Florida Tropics
  69   Rodney Scott   Florida Tropics
  70   Jim Tracy   Florida Tropics
  71   Ed Dennis   Florida Tropics
  72   Rick Lindell   Florida Tropics
  73   Stu Pepper   Florida Tropics
  74   Jeff Youngbauer   Florida Tropics
  75   Russ Foster   Florida Tropics
  76   Jeff Capriati   Florida Tropics
  77   Art DeFreites   Florida Tropics
  78   Alfie Rondon   Florida Tropics
  79   Reggie Cleveland IA   Florida Tropics
  80   Dave Cash   Florida Tropics
  80b   Dave Cash VAR   Florida Tropics
  81   Vida Blue   San Bernardino Pride
  82   Ed Glynn   San Bernardino Pride
  83   Bob Owchinko   San Bernardino Pride
  84   Bill Fleming   San Bernardino Pride
  85   Ron & Gary Roenicke   San Bernardino Pride
  86   Tom Thompson CO   San Bernardino Pride
  87   Derrel Thomas UER   San Bernardino Pride
  88   Jim Willoughby   San Bernardino Pride
  89   Jim Pankovits   San Bernardino Pride
  90   Jack Cooley CO   San Bernardino Pride
  91   Lenn Sakata   San Bernardino Pride
  92   Mike Brocki   San Bernardino Pride
  93   Chuck Fick   San Bernardino Pride

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