1911 Sweet Caporal Postcards


  1   P. Moran   Quebec Bulldogs
  2   J. Hall   Quebec Bulldogs
  3   B. Holden   Quebec Bulldogs
  4   Joe Malone   Quebec Bulldogs
  5   Ed Oatman   Quebec Bulldogs
  6   T. Dunderdale   Quebec Bulldogs
  7   K. Mallen   Quebec Bulldogs
  8   J. MacDonald   Quebec Bulldogs
  9   Fred Lake   Quebec Bulldogs
  10   Albert Kerr   Ottawa Senators
  11   Marty Walsh   Ottawa Senators
  12   Hamby Shore   Ottawa Senators
  13   Alex Currie   Ottawa Senators
  14   Bruce Ridpath   Ottawa Senators
  15   Bruce Stuart   Ottawa Senators
  16   Percy Lesueur   Ottawa Senators
  17   Jack Darragh   Ottawa Senators
  18   Steve Vair   Renfrew Creamery Kings
  19   Don Smith   Renfrew Creamery Kings
  20   Fred Taylor   Renfrew Creamery Kings
  21   Bert Lindsay   Renfrew Creamery Kings
  22   L. Gilmour   Renfrew Creamery Kings
  23   Bobby Rowe   Renfrew Creamery Kings
  24   Sprague Cleghorn   Renfrew Creamery Kings
  25   Odie Cleghorn   Renfrew Creamery Kings
  26   Skein Ronan   Renfrew Creamery Kings
  27   Walter Smaill   Montreal Wanderers
  28   Ernie Johnson   Montreal Wanderers
  29   Jack Marshall   Montreal Wanderers
  30   Harry Hyland   Montreal Wanderers
  31   Arthur Ross   Montreal Wanderers
  32   Riley Hern   Montreal Wanderers
  33   Gordon Roberts   Montreal Wanderers
  34   F. Glass   Montreal Wanderers
  35   Ernest Russell   Montreal Wanderers
  36   James Gardiner   Montreal Wanderers
  37   Arthur Bernier   Montreal Canadiens
  38   Georges Vezina   Montreal Canadiens
  39   G. Dallaire   Montreal Canadiens
  40   R. Power   Montreal Canadiens
  41   D. Pitre   Montreal Canadiens
  42   E. D. Lalonde   Montreal Canadiens
  43   E. Payan   Montreal Canadiens
  44   Geo. Poulin   Montreal Canadiens
  45   J. Laviolette   Montreal Canadiens

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