2018 Topps Garbage Pail Kids We Hate The 80s

Bloody Nose


  1a   He-Manny  
  1b   Skele-Tor  
  2a   She-Rae  
  2b   Adored Adora  
  3a   Otto Boot  
  3b   Optimus Fine  
  4a   Masked Matt  
  4b   Trucked-Over Trakker  
  5a   Jen Gem  
  5b   Jerrica Jewel  
  6a   Garga Mel  
  6b   Papa Murph  
  7a   Strawberry Jeri  
  7b   Short Kate  
  8a   Rainbow Raine  
  8b   Brite Bridgit  
  9a   Mona-Chichi  
  9b   Pat-Chitt  
  1a   Pint-Size Prince  
  1b   Purple Rayne  
  2a   Mole Donna  
  2b   Material Gal  
  3a   Brock of Seagulls  
  3b   Mike Soar  
  4a   Gruesome Gallagher  
  4b   Walter Melon  
  5a   Mary Merch  
  5b   Licensed Lou  
  6a   Rapid Richard  
  6b   Sweatin' Simmons  
  7a   Bob Gross  
  7b   Happy Tre  
  8a   Footy Fred  
  8b   Rotten Roger  
  9a   El-Vera  
  9b   Missie-Tress of the Dark  
  1a   Newt Cola  
  1b   Back L. Ash  
  2a   Neon Art  
  2b   Futuristic Ric  
  3a   Loathsome Lisa  
  3b   Foul Frankie  
  4a   Trapped Tracy  
  4b   Kept Kate  
  5a   Floppy Kirk  
  5b   Diskette Yvette  
  6a   Sal Phone  
  6b   Motor Nola  
  7a   Blocked Buster  
  7b   V.H. Essa  
  8a   Walk Mannie  
  8b   Cass-Ette  
  9a   Mixed Tate  
  9b   Reese-Wind  
  1a   Big Hair Sher  
  1b   Hairy Geri  
  2a   Shoulder Pat  
  2b   Puffy Paula  
  3a   Peg Warmers  
  3b   Dancewear Tere  
  4a   Slappy Stephie  
  4b   Bracelet Janette  
  5a   Harry Metal  
  5b   Glam Met-Al  
  6a   Flattop Aesop  
  6b   Flat Matt  
  7a   Break-Lance  
  7b   Headspin Finn  
  8a   Kir Cardigan  
  8b   Popped Cole R.  
  9a   Fashion Abel  
  9b   Watchin' Wally  
  1a   Burl N. Wall  
  1b   Wrecked Ronald  
  2a   No-No Nancy  
  2b   Rippin' Reagan  
  3a   Messy Mikhail  
  3b   Gross Gorbachev  
  4a   Obstructin' Ollie  
  4b   Know-Nothin' North  
  5a   Cold Warren  
  5b   Nuclear Escala-Sean  
  6a   Hans Across America  
  6b   Handy Andy  
  7a   Milk Carlton  
  7b   Have You Seen Mia  
  8a   Oily Oliver  
  8b   Spilled Spence  
  9a   Ozone Holly  
  9b   Oz Zone Depletion  
  1a   Batty Manny  
  1b   Bonkers Bruce  
  2a   Parker-Geist  
  2b   Anne Apparition  
  3a   Karate Kit  
  3b   Ralph "Macho"  
  4a   Breakfast Bender  
  4b   Club Claire  
  5a   Old Time Rock & Roland  
  5b   Tom Cruisin'  

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