1888 W. Duke, Sons & Co. Talk of the Diamond


  NNO   After The Ball  
  NNO   A Base Tender  
  NNO   A Big Hit  
  NNO   A Chronic Kicker  
  NNO   A Foul Balk  
  NNO   A Foul Catch  
  NNO   Going For Third Base  
  NNO   A Good Catch  
  NNO   A Good Throw  
  NNO   He Serves The Ball  
  NNO   A Heavy Batter  
  NNO   A Home Run  
  NNO   A Hot Ball  
  NNO   Left Field  
  NNO   Left On Base  
  NNO   A Lively Game  
  NNO   A Low Ball  
  NNO   No Game  
  NNO   Out  
  NNO   A Pitcher In The Box  
  NNO   A Regular Ball  
  NNO   A Rounder  
  NNO   A Short Stop  
  NNO   Stealing A Base  
  NNO   Three Out - All Out  

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