1964 Cadet Sweets Treasure Hunt


  1   Treasure of Ancient Crete  
  2   Treasure of Ancient Art  
  3   Religious Treasure  
  4   The Treasure of Mt. Sinai  
  5   The Koh-I-Noor Diamond  
  6   Tutenkhamen's Treasure  
  7   The Rosetta Stone  
  8   The Treasure of Ur  
  9   The Gold Headdress of a Queen  
  10   World's Largest Diamond  
  11   The Lothair Crystal  
  12   Treasure of Pompeii  
  13   Captain Kidd's Treasure  
  14   Pirate Treasure  
  15   Treasure of The Abbey  
  16   Sung-Ware Kilus  
  17   Gold Under the Sea  
  18   The Stoke Prior Treasure  
  19   Treasure at Cheapside  
  20   The Lost Regalia of Scotland  
  21   Treasure of the Incas  
  22   The Gold Rush  
  23   Diving for Treasure  
  24   Treasure of Ancient Rome  
  25   Treasure of Traprain  

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