2018 Topps Allen & Ginter

Mini Metal


  1   Mike Trout SN3   Los Angeles Angels
  2   Derek Jeter SN3   New York Yankees
  3   Babe Ruth SN3   New York Yankees
  5   Kris Bryant SN3   Chicago Cubs
  7   Aaron Judge SN3   New York Yankees
  9   Francisco Mejia SN3   Cleveland Indians
  10   Jose Altuve SN3   Houston Astros
  11   Jose Abreu SN3   Chicago White Sox
  14   Craig Kimbrel SN3   Boston Red Sox
  15   Giancarlo Stanton SN3   New York Yankees
  16   Austin Hays SN3   Baltimore Orioles
  17   Kyle Seager SN3   Seattle Mariners
  19   Yoan Moncada SN3   Chicago White Sox
  20   Joey Votto SN3   Cincinnati Reds
  21   Noah Syndergaard SN3   New York Mets
  22   Michael Conforto SN3   New York Mets
  24   Trey Mancini SN3   Baltimore Orioles
  25   Andre Dawson SN3   Chicago Cubs
  30   Carlos Correa SN3   Houston Astros
  32   Anthony Rizzo SN3   Chicago Cubs
  35   Robinson Cano SN3   Seattle Mariners
  37   Yu Darvish SN3   Chicago Cubs
  39   Trea Turner SN3   Washington Nationals
  40   Max Scherzer SN3   Washington Nationals
  42   Jackie Robinson SN3   Brooklyn Dodgers
  50   Hank Aaron SN3   Atlanta Braves
  51   J.D. Martinez SN3   Boston Red Sox
  54   Carlos Gonzalez SN3   Colorado Rockies
  60   Cal Ripken Jr. SN3   Baltimore Orioles
  62   Justin Upton SN3   Los Angeles Angels
  65   Clint Frazier SN3   New York Yankees
  66   Paul Goldschmidt SN3   Arizona Diamondbacks
  67   Ozzie Smith SN3   St. Louis Cardinals
  68   Yasiel Puig SN3   Los Angeles Dodgers
  70   Jason Heyward SN3   Chicago Cubs
  72   Nelson Cruz SN3   Seattle Mariners
  73   Adrian Beltre SN3   Texas Rangers
  74   Eric Hosmer SN3   San Diego Padres
  75   Christian Yelich SN3   Milwaukee Brewers
  76   Ryan Zimmerman SN3   Washington Nationals
  80   Ryan Braun SN3   Milwaukee Brewers
  88   Kenta Maeda SN3   Los Angeles Dodgers
  89   Mike Moustakas SN3   Kansas City Royals
  92   Barry Larkin SN3   Cincinnati Reds
  93   Stephen Strasburg SN3   Washington Nationals
  94   George Brett SN3   Kansas City Royals
  95   Victor Robles SN3   Washington Nationals
  96   Wil Myers SN3   San Diego Padres
  97   Mike Piazza SN3   New York Mets
  99   Pedro Martinez SN3   Boston Red Sox
  100   Shohei Ohtani SN3   Los Angeles Angels
  102   Josh Bell SN3   Pittsburgh Pirates
  105   Jacob deGrom SN3   New York Mets
  106   David Ortiz SN3   Boston Red Sox
  107   Roberto Clemente SN3   Pittsburgh Pirates
  108   Tommy Pham SN3   St. Louis Cardinals
  109   Sonny Gray SN3   New York Yankees
  110   Honus Wagner SN3   Pittsburgh Pirates
  111   Brian Dozier SN3   Minnesota Twins
  112   Yadier Molina SN3   St. Louis Cardinals
  113   Randy Johnson SN3   Seattle Mariners
  115   Ian Happ SN3   Chicago Cubs
  116   Ozzie Albies SN3   Atlanta Braves
  117   Corey Kluber SN3   Cleveland Indians
  119   Javier Baez SN3   Chicago Cubs
  120   Cody Bellinger SN3   Los Angeles Dodgers
  121   Dustin Pedroia SN3   Boston Red Sox
  123   John Smoltz SN3   Atlanta Braves
  124   Nolan Ryan SN3   Texas Rangers
  130   Gary Sanchez SN3   New York Yankees
  131   Greg Maddux SN3   Atlanta Braves
  132   Masahiro Tanaka SN3   New York Yankees
  133   Johnny Bench SN3   Cincinnati Reds
  135   Chris Sale SN3   Boston Red Sox
  137   Josh Donaldson SN3   Toronto Blue Jays
  138   Ernie Banks SN3   Chicago Cubs
  140   Alex Bregman SN3   Houston Astros
  143   Hunter Pence SN3   San Francisco Giants
  150   Zack Greinke SN3   Arizona Diamondbacks
  151   Don Mattingly SN3   New York Yankees
  155   Hunter Renfroe SN3   San Diego Padres
  156   Edwin Encarnacion SN3   Cleveland Indians
  160   Matt Olson SN3   Oakland Athletics
  162   Chipper Jones SN3   Atlanta Braves
  163   Byron Buxton SN3   Minnesota Twins
  164   Manny Machado SN3   Baltimore Orioles
  168   Andrew Benintendi SN3   Boston Red Sox
  171   Rougned Odor SN3   Texas Rangers
  172   Buster Posey SN3   San Francisco Giants
  173   Nolan Arenado SN3   Colorado Rockies
  174   Corey Seager SN3   Los Angeles Dodgers
  180   Willson Contreras SN3   Chicago Cubs
  181   Khris Davis SN3   Oakland Athletics
  184   Andrew McCutchen SN3   San Francisco Giants
  186   George Springer SN3   Houston Astros
  187   Albert Pujols SN3   Los Angeles Angels
  189   Ichiro SN3   Seattle Mariners
  190   Ted Williams SN3   Boston Red Sox
  191   Freddie Freeman SN3   Atlanta Braves
  192   Chris Archer SN3   Tampa Bay Rays


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