2018 Topps WWE Heritage

Big Legends Blue


  BL-1   Alundra Blayze SN50  
  BL-2   Andre the Giant SN50  
  BL-3   Bam Bam Bigelow SN50  
  BL-4   Bob Backlund SN50  
  BL-5   Booker T SN50  
  BL-6   Bret "Hit Man" Hart SN50  
  BL-7   British Bulldog SN50  
  BL-8   Bruno Sammartino SN50  
  BL-9   Brutus The Barber Beefcake SN50  
  BL-10   "Cowboy" Bob Orton SN50  
  BL-11   Dean Malenko SN50  
  BL-12   Diamond Dallas Page SN50  
  BL-13   Dusty Rhodes SN50  
  BL-14   Eddie Guerrero SN50  
  BL-15   Edge SN50  
  BL-16   George "The Animal" Steele SN50  
  BL-17   Greg "The Hammer" Valentine SN50  
  BL-18   "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan SN50  
  BL-19   Harley Race SN50  
  BL-20   The Honky Tonk Man SN50  
  BL-21   Iron Sheik SN50  
  BL-22   Irwin R. Schyster SN50  
  BL-23   Jake "The Snake" Roberts SN50  
  BL-24   Jerry "The King" Lawler SN50  
  BL-25   Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart SN50  
  BL-26   Kerry Von Erich SN50  
  BL-27   Kevin Nash SN50  
  BL-28   Kevin Von Erich SN50  
  BL-29   Larry Zbyszko SN50  
  BL-30   Lex Luger SN50  
  BL-31   Lita SN50  
  BL-32   "Macho Man" Randy Savage SN50  
  BL-33   Michael "P.S." Hayes SN50  
  BL-34   Mick Foley SN50  
  BL-35   Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase SN50  
  BL-36   Mr. Perfect SN50  
  BL-37   "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff SN50  
  BL-38   Nikolai Volkoff SN50  
  BL-39   "Ravishing" Rick Rude SN50  
  BL-40   Ric Flair SN50  
  BL-41   Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat SN50  
  BL-42   Ron Simmons SN50  
  BL-43   Rowdy Roddy Piper SN50  
  BL-44   Scott Hall SN50  
  BL-45   Sgt. Slaughter SN50  
  BL-46   Sid Vicious SN50  
  BL-47   Sting SN50  
  BL-48   Stone Cold Steve Austin SN50  
  BL-49   Trish Stratus SN50  
  BL-50   Ultimate Warrior SN50  

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