2018 SCC


  SCCR-01/201   Seung-Hyun Kim   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/202   Chang-Seop Yang RC   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/203   Young-Jin Choi   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/204   Min-Ho Kang HOLO   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/205   Ji-Young Lee   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/206   Sung-Hoon Kim   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/207   Dong-Chan Cho   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/208   Sang-Su Kim R   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/209   Han-Yool Kang   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/210   Joo-In Son HOLO   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/211   Won-Suk Lee   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/212   Young-Seop Bae R   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/213   Han-Yi Park R   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/214   Hun-Kon Kim   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/215   Hae-Min Park R   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/216   Ja-Wook Koo R   Samsung Lions
  SCCR-01/217   Young-Pyo Ko HOLO   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/218   Sung-Yong Hong   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/219   Sung-Baek Oem   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/220   Sang-Hwa Lee   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/221   Hee-Woon Ryu   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/222   Jae-Min Shim HOLO   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/223   Chang-Sung Ko HOLO   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/224   Se-Jin Park   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/225   Min-Chul Keum HOLO   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/226   Jae-Yoon Kim HOLO   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/227   Byung-Ryul Shin   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/228   Sung-Woo Jang   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/229   Hae-Chang Lee   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/230   Woo-Joon Shim   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/231   Kyung-Soo Park   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/232   Hyun Jung   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/233   Jae-Gyun Hwang R   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/234   Suk-Min Yoon R   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/235   Ki-Hyuk Park   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/236   Tae-Kon Oh   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/237   Min-Soo Jeon   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/238   Jin-Young Lee R   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/239   Baek-Ho Kang RC   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/240   Han-Joon Yoo R   KT Wiz
  SCCR-01/241   Hyun-Taek Oh AU, SN10   Lotte Giants
  SCCR-01/242   TBD AU, SN10   TBD
  SCCR-01/243   TBD AU, SN10   TBD
  SCCR-01/244   TBD AU, SN10   TBD
  SCCR-01/245   TBD AU, SN10   TBD
  SCCR-01/246   Hye-Sung Kim AU, SN10   Nexen Heroes
  SCCR-01/247   TBD AU, SN10   TBD
  SCCR-01/248   TBD AU, SN10   TBD
  SCCR-01/249   TBD AU, SN10   TBD
  SCCR-01/250   TBD AU, SN10   TBD
  SCCR-01/251   TBD AU, SN10   TBD
  SCCR-01/252   TBD AU, SN10   TBD
  SCCR-01/253   Sung-Moon Song AU, SN10   Nexen Heroes


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