1982 Topps


  1   Ken Anderson RB   Cincinnati Bengals
  2   Dan Fouts RB   San Diego Chargers
  3   Leroy Irvin RB   Los Angeles Rams
  4   Stump Mitchell RB   St. Louis Cardinals
  5   George Rogers RB   New Orleans Saints
  6   Dan Ross RB   Cincinnati Bengals
  7   1981 AFC Championship   Cincinnati Bengals / San Diego Chargers
  8   1981 NFC Championship   San Francisco 49ers / Dallas Cowboys
  9   Super Bowl XVI SB   San Francisco 49ers / Cincinnati Bengals
  10   Curtis Dickey / Larry Braziel / Bruce Laird / Raymond Butler TL   Baltimore Colts
  11   Raymond Butler   Baltimore Colts
  12   Roger Carr   Baltimore Colts
  13   Curtis Dickey   Baltimore Colts
  14   Zachary Dixon RC   Baltimore Colts
  15   Nesby Glasgow   Baltimore Colts
  16   Bert Jones   Baltimore Colts
  17   Bruce Laird   Baltimore Colts
  18   Reese McCall   Baltimore Colts
  19   Randy McMillan RC   Baltimore Colts
  20   Ed Simonini   Baltimore Colts
  21   Joe Cribbs / Mario Clark / Frank Lewis / Fred Smerlas TL   Buffalo Bills
  22   Mark Brammer   Buffalo Bills
  23   Curtis Brown   Buffalo Bills
  24   Jerry Butler   Buffalo Bills
  25   Mario Clark   Buffalo Bills
  26   Joe Cribbs   Buffalo Bills
  27   Joe Cribbs IA   Buffalo Bills
  28   Joe Ferguson   Buffalo Bills
  29   Jim Haslett   Buffalo Bills
  30   Frank Lewis AP   Buffalo Bills
  31   Frank Lewis IA   Buffalo Bills
  32   Shane Nelson RC   Buffalo Bills
  33   Charles Romes RC   Buffalo Bills
  34   Bill Simpson   Buffalo Bills
  35   Fred Smerlas   Buffalo Bills
  36   Pete Johnson / Ken Riley / Cris Collinsworth / Reggie Williams TL   Cincinnati Bengals
  37   Charles Alexander   Cincinnati Bengals
  38   Ken Anderson AP   Cincinnati Bengals
  39   Ken Anderson IA   Cincinnati Bengals
  40   Jim Breech   Cincinnati Bengals
  41   Jim Breech IA   Cincinnati Bengals
  42   Louis Breeden   Cincinnati Bengals
  43   Ross Browner   Cincinnati Bengals
  44   Cris Collinsworth RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  45   Cris Collinsworth IA   Cincinnati Bengals
  46   Isaac Curtis   Cincinnati Bengals
  47   Pete Johnson   Cincinnati Bengals
  48   Pete Johnson IA   Cincinnati Bengals
  49   Steve Kreider RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  50   Pat McInally AP   Cincinnati Bengals
  51   Anthony Munoz AP, RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  52   Dan Ross   Cincinnati Bengals
  53   David Verser RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  54   Reggie Williams   Cincinnati Bengals
  55   Mike Pruitt / Clarence Scott / Ozzie Newsome / Lyle Alzado TL   Cleveland Browns
  56   Lyle Alzado   Cleveland Browns
  57   Dick Ambrose   Cleveland Browns
  58   Ron Bolton   Cleveland Browns
  59   Steve Cox RC   Cleveland Browns
  60   Joe DeLamielleure   Cleveland Browns
  61   Tom DeLeone   Cleveland Browns
  62   Doug Dieken   Cleveland Browns
  63   Ricky Feacher   Cleveland Browns
  64   Don Goode   Cleveland Browns
  65   Robert L. Jackson RC   Cleveland Browns
  66   Dave Logan   Cleveland Browns
  67   Ozzie Newsome   Cleveland Browns
  68   Ozzie Newsome IA   Cleveland Browns
  69   Greg Pruitt   Cleveland Browns
  70   Mike Pruitt   Cleveland Browns
  71   Mike Pruitt IA   Cleveland Browns
  72   Reggie Rucker   Cleveland Browns
  73   Clarence Scott   Cleveland Browns
  74   Brian Sipe   Cleveland Browns
  75   Charles White   Cleveland Browns
  76   Rick Parros / Steve Foley / Steve Watson / Rulon Jones TL   Denver Broncos
  77   Rubin Carter RC   Denver Broncos
  78   Steve Foley RC   Denver Broncos
  79   Randy Gradishar   Denver Broncos
  80   Tom Jackson   Denver Broncos
  81   Craig Morton   Denver Broncos
  82   Craig Morton IA   Denver Broncos
  83   Riley Odoms   Denver Broncos
  84   Rick Parros RC   Denver Broncos
  85   Dave Preston   Denver Broncos
  86   Tony Reed   Denver Broncos
  87   Bob Swenson RC   Denver Broncos
  88   Bill Thompson   Denver Broncos
  89   Rick Upchurch   Denver Broncos
  90   Steve Watson AP, RC   Denver Broncos
  91   Steve Watson IA   Denver Broncos
  92   Carl Roaches / Carter Hartwig / Greg Stemrick / Ken Burrough / Jesse Baker TL   Houston Oilers
  93   Mike Barber   Houston Oilers
  94   Elvin Bethea   Houston Oilers
  95   Gregg Bingham   Houston Oilers
  96   Robert Brazile AP   Houston Oilers
  97   Ken Burrough   Houston Oilers
  98   Toni Fritsch   Houston Oilers
  99   Leon Gray   Houston Oilers
  100   Gifford Nielsen RC   Houston Oilers

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